Make XP look like Vista

Neocrisis - Ever wish you could make your Windows XP look like a Vista, but still be able to access and navigate to all your files the same way? Well, I happen to know of such a way. And let me tell you – it is sweet.

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flexbox3603801d ago

nah. but u can get royale noire theme. its like windows xp original theme but black. and microsoft made it but it was never released. check it out. http://marktorng.files.word...

Shioka3801d ago

I tought it was something more...complex...

Charmers3801d ago

I have no idea why win xp users would want to do this. In my experience it is usually Vista users trying to get vista to look like XP lol.

Blackmoon3801d ago

Windows Vista IMHO has a much sexier look than XP. Functionality maybe whatever but the look is cool.

nbsmatambo3801d ago

although it sucks performance wise, it does look good

aaquib53801d ago

So you can look like you have the world's crappiest OS, with the worst compatbility issues, the worst security support, and the MOST ANNOYING ERROR MESSAGES!!!

If you really want to your desktop to look like the best OS ever, make it look like OS X. If you want to make your computer run the best OS ever, have it running OS X.

Once you go Mac.
You Never Go Back.

Shroomy3801d ago

Seriously, if you want to keep your system running fast and without lots of bugs, you will avoid this!

I was tempted by a transformation pack, and it completely messed up my computer, format solved it mostly! It's not worth the effort!

I recommend the Zune theme for XP, it's really nice and free to download without messing your system up.

90Supra3801d ago

where do you get the Zune theme?

flexbox3603801d ago

same for me. but royale noir is much more sleeker than the zune theme. it takes the same process to install it.

NRG3801d ago

I used the transformation pack way back in the day when it was released before Vista. I had absolutely no problems. Although with SP3 and all, it might not work so smoothly these days.

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The story is too old to be commented.