Xbox 360 DRM Fix - Works, But Takes Forever

One editor recounts his experience with the Xbox 360 DRM fix:

"Am I happy Microsoft released this fix and solved the issue? Hell yes. Do I wish they made it much easier? Hell yes."

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taz80803777d ago

I am too lazy to sit and do this, I will just wait for a Live connection

taz80803777d ago

MS gave you a solution but one that will make you rip your hair out

drunkpandas3777d ago

I didn't have the energy to rip my hair out while re-downloading everything. It was more of tunnel vision, red eyes, and boredom.

morganfell3777d ago

Uhm, it doesn't work for everyone. I have been on the phone with MS for the past two weeks and they can figure the issue out.

Nevers3777d ago

a fix has been available since my RROD in August/Sept of 07'... It took me talking to several people on the helpline to get it but you only had to re-download everything onto your new console and since the original download was still on the HDD each "re-download" only took a few seconds. It was a little meticulous but didn't take very long and I had a ton of content to retrieve.

drunkpandas3777d ago

The actual fix was released in June from Microsoft, which completely moves the licenses to your current console. The old work-around worked, but it didn't solve the problem.

Nevers3777d ago

I was pretty confused about it.

drunkpandas3777d ago

I'm hoping Microsoft does some streamlining, but I'm definitely happy the service is there. I got a headache after about an hour of going through all the stuff to re-download.

iNcRiMiNaTi3777d ago

a streamlined DRM fix better come integrated into the dashboard update. it would just make everything alot easier

Ps3Fanboy7773777d ago

This is to re-download the games you already bought!!!!!!!!!!! LOL.

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