PS3 Version of Postal 3 Delayed

While the PC and Xbox 360 iterations of Postal III were tentatively slated for release in Q2 2009, Jaret noted that those two editions are now more likely to arrive in "mid-to-late 2009."

However, he was unable to provide an estimated release date for the PS3 version, attributing the uncertainty to technical concerns in utilizing the game's licensed Source engine on the platform.

Only one game utilizing Valve's Source engine technology, its mega-compilation The Orange Box, has been released on PS3. While the PC and Xbox 360 versions of the title were developed internally at Valve, the PS3 port was outsourced to EA UK, and was widely chastised for its performance issues compared to the other editions.

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OoLegendoO3774d ago

Nowadays I dont think it is alright to delay a Ps3 game. A good developer will bring both versions simultaneously

AlienGorilla3774d ago

Umm.............Who cares?

toughNAME3774d ago

Why should 360 owners suffer because the PS3 can't handle a certain game?

silverchode3774d ago

Why should ps3 owners suffer because the 360 can't handle ff13.

StayHigh3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

wow u think the PS3 cant handle this game you are sadly mistaken..

Just look at Metal Gear Solid 4, Killzone 2, Uncharted Drakes Fortune, Heavy Rain, War Devil, Ratchet and Clank Tools of destruction,Infamous,and FF13(being build on the PS3 and ported to the 360) these games are pushing the PS3 hardware..

Also God War 3 and New Team ICO game is going to rip any 360 games apart..

I didnt bother buying their previous game on the i can care less about postal 3..

Tmac3774d ago

LOL toughNAME is having a tough time adjusting to N4G, you keep getting ripped apart left and right, maybe you should I dunno, just leave?

Halochampian3774d ago

it's not that the ps3 cant handle it because it obviously can but that it is harder for developers to adjust to the ps3... it is different than developing for the PC and 360

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Playstation Man3774d ago

Dated, used and abused, the Source engine isn't compatible with the PS3 it seems. Really, who cares? This isn't a game for PS3 owners to whinning about being delayed. This is one to shrug your shoulders at people.

Drekken3774d ago

Oh God... I didnt know it it was the Source engine... pass.

mesh13774d ago

this is a trend that keeps happening each year.

DarkBlade3774d ago

Now the game releases in 2Q of 2009! They are making excuses to not make the game for Ps3. THat what it seem to me.

MK_Red3774d ago

Wow, even 360 and PC versions are slated for mid to late 2009 :(
I was really hoping for a late 2008 release. Can't wait.

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The story is too old to be commented.