Hirai questions longevity of rival consoles

While sales figures may show that Nintendo and Microsoft are ahead of Sony in regional hardware sales, Hirai said this generation is a marathon, not a sprint, and it's too early to call who will win the console war.

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Jamie Foxx3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

be prepared for the longhaul,to show your hand too early and bring out all your big hitters in one year sure makes for a great hellava year but then your pondering the next few years which is exactly why microsoft are now too reliant on 3rd party games

hope microsoft learn from this,console wars cannot be won in 1or2 years,but i believe its because they really wanted to gain a lead due to their experience battling the ps2,now unfortunately their running out of steam microsoft need more inhouse game studios because competion is good and we benefit.

Adamalicious3774d ago

I think you're right. Nintendo and Microsoft has started off strong and done pretty well. Sony has been doing OK, but it's like they are only just getting rolling. At this point the PS3 does seem to have the most future potential.

PooPooPlatter3774d ago

Sony outsold the 360 the very first year on the market even with the added costs of the new BluRay tech in the console.

Sony blew past the 360 in Japan and only took a year to pass by the 360 in Europe. And the PS3 has outsold the 360 in the US by around 300k according to NPD in 2008.

The only place the 360 has been doing well is vgchartz fantasyland.

The 360 is in last place everywhere in the world other than the US and UK and will be in last place in worldwide installed by the start of 2009 with the gap now shrunk to only about 4-4.5 or million units for the PS3 vs 360 worldwide installed base.

xhairs93774d ago

infamous Microsoft $20 price drop on the 360 for holiday seasons. Judging on Microsofts attitudes I wouldn't be surprised if January 1, 2009 they said, "We win the console war it's over because we said it's over. We win because we're "ahead" (could change) of the PS3 and the Wii isn't next-gen". If the wii wasn't next gen, why is it rivaling the PS3 & 360?

Mr PS33774d ago

He Speaks the truth
As proven with the PS 1 and 2
The PS3 will be The Console of Choice for many Years
By the way were is King Kaz have'nt heard from the GR8 1 since Metal Gear Solid 4 launched


Veryangryxbot3774d ago

Unfortunately his words will fall upon deaf ears as the bots have short term memory issues and does not come from the brightest parts of society.

-M4verick-3774d ago

lol who gives a damn if it does!!! You're still playing the crappy overrated PS3...sold on band name and empty promises only.

Kaz Hirai3774d ago

After the amazing success of Judgment Day, I have been busy working on the PlayStation 4! The Sony Side will crush those Nazisoft SIMPLETONS for the THIRD time in a row!
Keep up the good work, my Sony Samurai! I must return to Sony HQ and continue my domination of the industry!


TheColbertinator3774d ago

Hey Kaz,no console could stand up to your killer pink shirt.Hahahaha

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3774d ago

Well done King Kaz!!!;) Glad to see your ok;) GO GET'EM!!!;)

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Microsoft_Spokesman3774d ago

Hey does any one know where the N4G user Kaz Hirai is? I miss the guy, lol.

silverchode3774d ago

POG captured him and is torturing him in his basement. he is making kaz play the 360 against his will.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3774d ago

Me to :-( He hasn't been on this for ages. Think he had enough of this site(don't blame him!) :-/

Microsoft_Spokesman3774d ago

OR he is playing the amazing MGS4 :D.

GiantEnemyCrab3774d ago

Tell that to Nintendo you windbag! They are sprinting and leaving you in the dust. The industry doesn't work the way Sony wants it too. Go ahead and take 10 years to get your product where you want it to be but I will see you later because I'm running on..

eagle213774d ago

Leave Nintendo out of

Wraith0013774d ago

Xbox 4 and Wii3 be out in 10yrs, PS3 hasn't the legs of the PS1 or PS2, plus i think hes forgetting that the industry at large is moving, as a whole, much quicker than it did 9yrs ago.

xhairs93774d ago

Tell it to nintendo? Aren't you one of the guys who said, "Nintendo isn't next-gen"? Wow..

toughNAME3774d ago

You don't make friends with salad

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