Racing Game Best Rain Effects? FH 2 Vs Driveclub Vs Project Cars

A video which pits Forza Horizon 2, Driveclub and Project Cars against each other to determine which has the best representation of heavy rain.

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BecauseImBatman1196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

I think Driveclub>Forza Horizon 2>Project Cars, Driveclub easily takes top and Horizon takes second based on the use of reflections in the water on the road which isn't very good in Project Cars but the game is shooting for higher framrate so.... something has to give way.

u4one1196d ago

I agree. with pretty much everything you said.

inveni01196d ago

Can't we leave Driveclub out of this by now? I mean, it's going to be a while before someone comes in to compete with Driveclub's weather. And when they do, they'll make a point of showing it off well before release.

BeefCurtains1196d ago

Wow, Drive Club looks so good it's weird, and that's on a compressed YouTube video!

Forza beats project cars, but Drive Club is way ahead of the group. If you disagree with that, must not have watched the video.

fr0sty1196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

The way driveclub applies physics to each rain drop, so that as you turn the rain sloshes around on your windshield and side windows, is simply amazing. So is going into photo mode and seeing every leaf on every plant also getting wet.

u got owned1196d ago

DC hands down, and for those of you saying wait for F6, I doubt F6 will look better than DC if its pushing weather, day/night cicle at 60FPS in a weaker hardware. F6 will look no better than F5.

dcbronco1196d ago

Was expecting the typical Sony fan boy delusion bubble. Watched the video. No doubt its Driveclub. The way the water on the window drops from gravity when the breaks are hit hard is pure realism.

Mehmeh1195d ago

@u got owned

How come you're so certain that F6 won't look better than F5?
Do you have a secret copy?:)

die_fiend1195d ago


He knows it will look the same - it's the same reason that after 18 months, Xbone still can't do 1080p...Withcer 3 is about to drop. The reason is because MS thought watching TV and waving arms in the air is the best way to shift consoles. They were so wrong that they're too embarrassed to even tell the world how many they managed to [fail to] sell.

Don Mattrick summed MS's approach to satisfying gamers when he said 'We've got a console for people without internet, it's called Xbox 360'. And henceforth, MS will never come close to PS4. Seriously, how could they get it this wrong? I loved my 360 but the Xbone is a complete car crash of a console.

FATAL1TY1195d ago

Driveclub = true Next gen

Forza H, Project C = old gen

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ManOfTheYear11196d ago

Lets not also forget, while DriveClub and Project Cars are racing around on a closed circuit, Forza Horizon 2 is a huge open world game.

iceman061196d ago

According to Evolution devs, the engine used for DriveClub supports an open world. In fact, every element is actually fully realized and always there. The devs actually showed a video months back where they took the camera a moved it into the distance, as well as up into the sky, and no graphical assets remained pretty much the same.

LifeInNZ1196d ago


Bit of a difference between rendering a world around a fixed track and a map where the player can drive most anywhere.

Not trying to undermine Driveclub, far from it, but until Drivecluh features a larger open world map where the player can traverse then its not a like for like comparisson.

kickerz1196d ago

Very true. I think a fair comparison will be Driveclub Vs ForZa 6.

KingKevo1196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

@LifeInNZ: Not really. You apparently assume that everything, the entire map, in Forza Horizon 2 is always loaded. However only a portion of the map, the part where you are at and the surrounding area, is actually loaded into the game and the games loads and drops assets loaded based on your location (hence the loading times when fast traveling), similar to a racetrack being loaded into the other two racers. And even if your talking about the fact that you can only drive back and forth in the other two and not anywhere you want like in Horizon 2 doesn't really matter imho. It's not like Forza does always have ultra high textures and complicated assets loaded in anyway. Much of the stuff is just there to make the world bigger, which is ok, as you need space in an open world game.

So imho it is very much fair to compare them nonetheless.

Thinks like frame-rate and technical performance play a bigger role in a fair comparison than open-world vs closed circuit.

FlameBaitGod1196d ago


Dam beat me to it :/.

LifeInNZ1196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

You guys are dead right. Im guessing thats why we have an abundance of open world driving games that look as good or if not better than fixed circuit racing games.

Until we see Driveclub Open world edition its all just assumption.

mozzie1195d ago

And FH2 weather also affects car handling dramatically. Don't know about the other two to be honest because I've never played them. But if it stops raining in FH and the road ist still a little wet, the handling is different again compared to when it's actually raining.

Caffo011195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )

@ mozzie
driving when it's raining affects the handling of the car in driveclub too

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Magicite1196d ago

Driveclub got best looking weather and best looking cars (console versions compared).

TRU3_GAM3R1195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )

Driveclub have better weather that's all.

Rockstar1196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

It boggles the mind how people are disagreeing with the first post. Do they not have eyes? Is their allegiance so strong towards their console of choice?

Anyway, Project cars rain effects look pretty bad IMO.
But as Batman said they are shooting for a higher Frame Rate.

BecauseImBatman1196d ago

I don't know why either, seemed pretty cut and dry to me the order of how good the weather effects looked... guess people are just showing their usual insecurities.

AnonymousSpy1196d ago

Question...what platform is P Cars running on? I have it for PC with maxed everything and it looks incredible. Better than DriveClub!

BecauseImBatman1196d ago

I dunno but this is just specifically comparing the weather effects not the overall graphics, I've got DC on my PS4 and have played Project Cars on PC... DC still looks better to me. I still think Project Cars looks really good but not as good as DC.

XanderZane1196d ago

Yup, I can agree with that. Forza Horizon 2 is open world though, so I wouldn't expect it to look as realistic as close world game like Driveclub. I'd be interested to see how the weather looks in Forza 6, e which will be closed world and maybe using DX12. Project Cars windshield rain doesn't look that great. The ground rain looks pretty good though.

Visiblemarc1196d ago

I definitely agree. I'd even go as far as saying the weather effects in Project Cars look bad, like a placeholder. Forza looks pretty good, Driveclub looks very good.

BallsEye1195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )

Funny how always it's only a RAIN comparison just because DC does it best. How many rain comparisons we already had? How about we compare what really matters in racing game? You know, things like number of cars, customisation, tracks/drivable area, events, mp and so on. No such comparison will ever be made because Forza would crush the competition. No number of disagrees will change that fact.

MK24ever1195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )

Believe me, it's not only the rain effects that look better on Driveclub, the surroundings, the cars, the interior details, the lightening, the skies, the effects like birds flying by, the reflections on the windshields, the tunderstorms, the rainbows, and many other things, all look better on Driveclub, people can bash Driveclub all they want, but it's by far the best looking racing game ever made, being 30 fps and not 60 might be very important for some, but not me honestly, actually, the speed sensation on Driveclub completely destroys the competition, driving the Koenigsegg 1:1 on an indian track can be really scary due to how fast and dangerous it feels, that to me beats more frames per second.

This video I made some time ago just shows how good, no matter the weather, Driveclub looks:

iistuii1195d ago

Correct. Im One of DC's biggest fans, Platinum & every star in the tour inc DLC, but I also play FH2 which has so much more to do, more events, more cars, more tracks or races & open world. It's a better all round game imo. I also was going to get PC's but I am I think going to go for Forza 5 at £15 until F6 comes out as I'm not too impressed with the dodgy framerate of Pc's

NerdStalker1195d ago

In that case Grand Turismo crushes fozra Ballseye

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1195d ago

Depends on platform. the PC version of Project Cars blows away the competition.

3-4-51195d ago

I'm sticking with Forza.

It does everything I like in a Driving game......Project cars doesn't look fun.

Zeref1195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )

I have to agree, and im an xbox fan. its still very impressive that FH2 can compete with Driveclub and project cars which are track racers while FH2 is completely open world.

Wonder if FM6 will have weather system. They say they have a new engine.

TRU3_GAM3R1195d ago

Driveclub have better weather that's all.

Project Cars have the best reflection in a racing

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Transistor1196d ago

Driveclub. The other 2 aren't bad, but Driveclub is on another level.

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Nio-Nai1196d ago

That's what happens when you have a 4th of the cars on screen and half the frame rate. You can push more details.

Transistor1196d ago

This is about what looks better, not a debate on anything else. If you like another more that's fine, but Driveclub looks better.

Nio-Nai1196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

Driveclub does "look" better, but it is because it lowered the amount of on screen vehicles and cut the frame rate in half, THAT is what allowed it to do it.

It was a trade off, I don't see why 36 people disagree with a fact.

madpuppy1196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )


iistuii1195d ago

Your right, but you may as well bang your head against a wall. The comparisons are daft as the games are different. Await for Forza 6 & GT7 on closed tracks to compare with Pc's, as all will be 60fps on closed tracks, that's the real comparison. A closed track game running 30fps is going to look better than an open world game & a game running at 60fps, stupid.. I've Platinum & all stars in DC, but just don't see the point in this.

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u4one1196d ago

visually yes. as a racer, no.

ps4fanboy1196d ago

That is your opinion? Yes , have you played it? No.

Transistor1196d ago

This is about visuals and Driveclub looks better.

ravens521196d ago

Even the racing mechanics are better... Whoever disagrees hasn't played driveclub vs other driving world or other wise. Or are just biased. Sorry haters.

Moldiver1196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

"Even the racing mechanics are better... Whoever disagrees hasn't played driveclub vs other driving world or other wise. Or are just biased. Sorry haters."

So basically...who ever doesnt agree with PSfanboys is being a biased hater? Gotta love that irony....

for once I agree with transistor. Stick to the graphics. Its the only thing DC has on Forza or PCars. Both are better driving racing games than DC and anybody who has played all three would say that. Unless you only own a PS4 of course. But you're not being biased at all..nuh uh....

Personally I think its luaghable that you guys even compare the handling of a purely arcade racer against a full blown sim and an open world racer which gets its dynamics from another sim. You gays are actually living in coo coo land if you think faux arcade handling has anything like the depth to the handling in FH2 or Pcars. Just because a bunch of your fellow PSfanboys agree with you...dont make you right..

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Rookie_Monster1196d ago

Let's not forget Forza Horizon is a opened world racer while DC is closed circuit. That is like comparing the Orders to GTA. Sure The linear/closed circuit look better due to obvious reasons but I rather have a game that had more things going on at once and more mode of play.

Zeref1195d ago

Why disagree with facts when its true?.

DriveClub is closed track and runs at 30fps. Of course its gonna look better than Forza Horizon 2 which is 60fps and is open world.

travestyj1195d ago


FH2 also runs at 30fps not 60.

1196d ago
Haru1196d ago

Is there really a need for this comparasion? I mean FH2 and Project cars yeah but DC just blows them out of the water (see what I did there? ;) ) DC is completely from another league

ion6661195d ago

If everyone thought driveclub looks good wait until the inevitable sequel comes out. who knows maybe a motorstorm is on the horizon. Mud effects and all. I can't even dream on how that would look.

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d_g1196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

Driveclub win

but i think people should not comparison Forza Horizon 2 grahpic to Driveclub because it’s open world game

this like the Witcher 3 VS the order 1886 graphic

I'll wait for GT7 VS FORZA 6 :)

starchild1196d ago

To be honest, all three look amazing. No big differences here.

The_Sage1196d ago

Did you watch the video?.. Drive Club wins hands down. The shouldn't have even put Forza in there.

Utalkin2me1196d ago


Stevie Wonder is that you?

windblowsagain1196d ago

Horizon looks how it does because the xboxone does not have the power to produce better then that in open world.

DRIVECLUB while being circuits are huge vista's, real time weather, day/night etc.

@starchild below. rofl.

You need to open your eyes dude.

Elit3Nick1196d ago

FH2 has dynamic weather and time of day, and with almost no barriers whatsoever, any patch of field you see you can drive to it

Utalkin2me1196d ago


Why would you want to drive through fields if it is a "Sim" racer? I can understand if it's a off road racer. And how often do you drive off road while you're racing in FH2?

Kribwalker1196d ago


I drive off road all the time and there are multiple circuits for off road, especially if you get the big storm island dlc so I would say yes a lot. And drive club and forza horizon are both far from simulation racers, that's for the forza and Gts out there

Moldiver1196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

"Why would you want to drive through fields if it is a "Sim" racer?"

Errr...because its an open world racer where you go wherever the hell you want. Is that really so hard to understand?

"And how often do you drive off road while you're racing in FH2?"

It happens more often than you might imagine..barn finds..storm island..taking an impreza through a golf course and then out into some vineyards...short cuts while racing against plains trains and automabiles...just for shits and giggles...why wouldnt you...its forza horizon.

You are never short of reasons to go off road in FH2. Ever. I get why people bang on about DCs graphics. They are amazing and its the games strongest point. But FH2 is a completely different kettle of fish. Its hard NOT to talk about the gameplay itself, because there is so much of it and so much too it. DC wins interms of visuals but forza has it well and truly spanked in the gameplay department. As it stands its still arguably the best current gen racer. and given how Pcars technical issues that leaves the door open for FM6 to be the best racer out this year. It will sport better visuals than FH2, being a closed circuit game It will more than likely have weather and day night. And it has that godly forza handling. And it will be 60FPS ( forza is still the only 60FPS racer on consoles.Im sorry but Pcars framerate jumps are enough to make me buy it for PC anyway).

tmh35931196d ago

haha just look at your username troll. rofl

Utalkin2me1195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )


I was just asking. I thought FH2 is like the other in the series. So i am assuming they give you a location to be and you take your own path there?


Look at my past comments, i never troll.

spicelicka1195d ago

haha you clearly haven't played Forza horizon 2 if you're asking stupid questions like that. If you could play the game through youtube videos I'm sure you'd change your mind.

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tmh35931196d ago

lmao finally someone with some logic. Do people really need to make comparisons about every game that gets released?

memots1195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )

LOL at Forza when the cam shows the hood @ 1:36
The car is not moving and he gets "Skill chain +50xp"

Really,, Skill chain of what?

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bunt-custardly1196d ago

This is a nice titbit of info for those who aren't aware and I quote from the article.

"Interestingly all three developers are based in the UK with Slightly Mad Studios in London, Playground Games in Leamington Spa and as mentioned Evolution Studios in Frodsham Cheshire."

sigfredod1196d ago

DC handsdown no contest here