Fat Princess: Don't expect it any time soon

Jeff Rubenstein, SCEA Social Media Manager, replied to a comment on the Playstation.Blog stating that "Fat Princess is further from release than, say, PixelJunk Eden. When we get closer, expect to see a lot more of Fat Princess".

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-M4verick-3775d ago

That's become the story of the PS3.

Omega43775d ago

Sure has, announcing a game years before its meant to be released and then delay delay delay.

But it does help built hype

-M4verick-3775d ago

You're definately right. I still want Killzone 2 so bad but I think Home has just taken too long. It's like I don't even care now.

wolfehound223775d ago

True but he also said it's not as soon as PixelJunk Eden which there was a story saying it will be released at the end of the month. So for him to say this it could mean not this month but next month. Now the funny thing is every one complained that Sony didn't show off any new exclusive at E3, but when they show something but its a year or so off people complain about them showing it early. I just find that pretty funny.

smokeymicpot3775d ago

I can guarantee you people will get offense over this game because of the title

eagle213775d ago

She is a still a princess. Just really plus sized. :)

And who knows, some guys might think she is PHAT instead of FAT. LMAO

eagles19903775d ago

But that will help Sony


darkwing3775d ago

well PJ Eden is July 31

Megaton3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

Exactly, it doesn't necessarily mean some super ridiculous far off 2010 release date. It could just mean as little as August.

myothercar3775d ago

Oh my GOODNESS! I have to wait longer than 2 weeks to play Fat Princess? That's like an eternity, man, that pisses me off.


vegnadragon3775d ago

It's a psn game, they never take longer than 4 months.

cp683775d ago

Who's in the same boat?

solidsnakus3775d ago

you mean.. GONY
game of NEXT year

Milky Joe3775d ago

If it wasn't for MGS4 and LBP I'd be right there with you friend. :P

solidsnakus3774d ago

ummm mgs4 was suppost to come out last year... so ... yea.. maybe try another example which dosent prove my point.

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The story is too old to be commented.