The Last Of Us: Remastered is just $12.49 / £7.99 on PS4 today

Dealspwn: "We weren't entirely sold on The Last Of Us: Remastered when it first released, seeing as we'd all completed the original on PS3 and loved it to bits, but for £7.99/$12.49 it's basically essential whether you've played this horror masterpiece or not."

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bggriffiths955d ago

Nice, Left Behind DLC on PS3 is still more expensive than that I think. Gonna trade in my PS3 version and get this.

Blues Cowboy955d ago

Never played Left Behind, heard it's brilliant.

Kurisu955d ago (Edited 955d ago )

Neither have I. Will definitely get this, but I'm going to wait until the end of the month when my months sub of FFXIV runs out.

EDIT: Wait, this is for the full game? That's a great deal!

maybelovehate955d ago

If you don't have it. Run to your PS4 and buy it now!

Toiletsteak955d ago

So what do you do because it says you need a U.S account? can you just make one up and then play it on your UK account?

Blues Cowboy955d ago

Basically yeah. There's actually a guide showing you how to do it linked in the post.

barb_wire955d ago

Still haven't downloaded my digital version I got with my PS4.. 41GB (while not necessarily big) is a pain now that my ISP has introduced data caps.. the b'stards!

Blues Cowboy955d ago

Damn, that's rough. Hate data caps, the rotten swines.

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The story is too old to be commented.