Worthplaying Preview: Rock Band 2

Worthplaying reports:

''Rock Band launched at the end of 2007 to great hype and anticipation, quickly becoming the holiday gift for those who could afford the hefty price tag ($169.99). Garnering an average of 93% at Metacritic and moving over three million units, it would seem that MTV Games' gamble has paid off. Coming this September is the inevitable sequel, Rock Band 2, and the devs have taken fan feedback into account to figure out how to optimize the hardware and software experience.

First thing's first - the goal is to have over 500 songs available for the series by this fall, including "Shackler's Revenge," the first song by Guns 'n' Roses in 14 years and the first Bob Dylan tune that's been licensed for a video game.

Additionally, Rock Band 2 will be backward compatible, so any tunes that may have been purchased for Rock Band will work for RB2. There will also be a disc export function, which will let you send over all of your RB1 songs to RB2 so that you won't have to keep swapping out discs.

Given the plethora of available songs, it can be quite the chore to scroll through the long list of tunes à la the original Rock Band, so the devs decided to redesign the solo quickplay selection screen to more closely resemble the "Rock Shop," the game's online music store. As a result, songs are broken down by a variety of criteria, including artist, album, location and decade.

You can now make a setlist in quickplay mode, and headers are selectable, so at the press of a button, you can create a setlist for everything in that category, whether that means all songs by a certain artist or all songs on a particular album. You can add quite a large number of songs to the setlist in quickplay mode; our presenter, John from Harmonix, indicated that you wouldn't be able to play that many songs in a row without having to take a bathroom break. (Is that a challenge I hear?)''

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