Worthplaying Preview: Retro Game Challenge

Worthplaying reports:

''Game Center CX, at least in Japan, is nothing short of a phenomenon. It takes one highly charismatic comedian (Shinya Arino), has him test his mettle against the world's toughest video games, and chronicles his struggle through the usage of epic narration and music. During the off-hours, Arino messes around with other video game titles in a humorous manner, examines old consoles, and goes on field trips to Japanese arcades. Simply put, the show is a video game geek's dream, and a while back, it received a game bearing its name.

Game Center CX: Arino no Chousenjou, in one of this year's most profound "…wait, what?" moments, has been re-christened as Retro Game Challenge by Xseed. It's both a parody and tribute to the 8-bit and arcade era of video games. In the '80s, simpler genres such as racers, space shooters, platformers and primitive RPGs were king, and Retro Game Challenge hilariously apes the best of their kind.''

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