Game Vortex Review: Mega Man Starforce 2: Zerker X Ninja

Christin Deville reports:

''Megaman Starforce Zerker X Ninja 2 has a title that will probably lead to hundreds of disappointed kids. I say that because mom or dad will probably only catch one or two words out of that jumbled mess and end up bringing home something completely different. Either way, this is yet another of what seems to be a never-ending stream of Mega Man universes, and after experiencing this one, I can't tell you that the names mean much of anything.

The main character, Geo, lives in a pretty neat and clean futuristic setting. This bright and happy setting isn't the most graphically impressive thing that the DS has ever seen, but then it doesn't seem like this game was meant to break new ground. This just seems like your typical overhead view game with little sprites running around. The game does at least have large colorful anime portraits of the people you talk to, and you can usually see a larger portrait of them in the top screen where their personal star carrier information is displayed. You can think of star carriers as a kind of all-in-one smart phone device, but with futuristic holographic displays. Eh, that honestly makes it sound more exciting than it is in the game. Another area that does the job but doesn't impress is the battle graphics. Every battle puts you into a 3D grid arena. The system is good for clearly showing what's going on in the battle, but no one is going to look over your shoulder with envy.''

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