Official Virtua Fighter 5 Site Now Live

The new Virtua Fighter 5 site is up, and in the gallery section you can find some new screenshots.

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SimmoUK3971d ago

Definately the best looking figting game ever made graphically no doubt about that...

DC RID3R3971d ago

the 1 game i'd consider purchasing a ps3 for!!!
FUKIN sik game.

MicroGamer3971d ago

are going to regret making this a PS3 exclusive.

Apocalypse Shadow3971d ago

most 360 gamers have already dogged it for not being online,not being on 360.let's see,the japanese like sony.and they love the virtua fighter series.hmmmm....looks like another killer app.

THE TRUTH3971d ago

With both VF5 and tekken5, PS3 will be the console for fighting fans! Bring it on!!

The only question left will be which one is better!

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