Atomic Gamer E3 08 Preview: Pure

Jeff Buckland reports:

''At E3 this year there were a few offroad racing games, but nothing was more impressive than Pure from Disney's gaming division. With lush graphics, a smooth frame rate, and a great boost/trick system that rewards you during the race rather than after it, this could easily be a source of some great fun. And with the pedigree of having worked on the ATV Offroad Fury and MotoGP series for so long under the name Climax Racing, the guys at the newly-retitled Black Rock Studio certainly can be expected to deliver something that's easy to pick up and highly entertaining to play.

It starts with building your ATV in the garage. You can customize one of the pre-made vehicles or you can put it together from scratch using real-world name brand parts, and tweak its stats (speed, handling, acceleration, boost, and tricks) to match the different types of events that Pure throws at you. Then you take it onto the course and it's total mayhem as you're pitted against 15 other racers. Unlike most ATV games, this one makes it tough to force other people to crash, but bumping them off course is certainly a valid tactic.''

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