BioShock Dev Hiring for Next Game; Fun and Interesting AI Opponents Wanted

Irrational Games aren't completely dead in the water; they're currently hiring some new talent for their next game.

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hiredhelp1319d ago

My eyes gonna be glues on there next IP soo happy there making come back.

Brotard1318d ago (Edited 1318d ago )

what if they came out with a storyless multiplayer game... how depressing would that be.

DJ1319d ago

Wait, who would want to join? 75 people lost their jobs there last year.

poppinslops1319d ago

It's the nature of the industry... a lot of those former devs are now working on some great-looking games that they might not otherwise have had the chance to.

There won't be a shortage of applicants... at the end of the day, Irrational Games will still look great on a resume.

phoenixwake1318d ago

If you read up on it, they were downsizing by choice, not necessity. And each and every employee was given studio time to build up their portfolio, and IG hosted a sort of "job fair" to help ensure they got jobs at other 2K studios or even 3rd party developers.

I don't necessarily agree or disagree with what they did, but it was the classiest layoff I've ever heard of.

poppinslops1319d ago (Edited 1319d ago )


The word 'opponents' (and the dev's back catalogue) suggest it'll be another shooter... sounds like it won't be as dark as the Bioshock games.

Columbia and Rapture were amazing settings, but I'd like to see a more interactive world... despite the exceptional combat, my favourite parts of 'Infinite' were the quieter moments - The first hour, before things 'go bad'*, exploring the world with Elizabeth, chatting with NPCs and such.

Not saying I want another 'Dear Esther', but it would be nice to see something 'more' layered onto Irrational's template... a bit of RPG 'depth' might be just the thing.

* Yes, I'm aware that Columbia was an incredibly racist place... doesn't mean it wasn't pretty.

Rebel_Scum1319d ago

Couldn't agree more. Some of the best parts of Bioshock in general were those quiet moments.

Like in Rapture, just hanging back and listening to a splicer and watching their shadow as they ramble on.

Walking around Columbia before the show starts, meeting Andrew Ryan, Sander Cohen.

It will be interesting to see how they travel without Ken Levine. The narrative was so strong in the games he was involved in.

phoenixwake1318d ago

Based on his GDC talks, I'm very intrigued with the direction he's going on storytelling and AI. There are games that do story well, and there are games that allow sandbox gameplay, open-world experiences and freedom of choice. He's looking to merge the two. I really hope he pulls it off, as this could be the revolution story-driven games need right now.

TheCommentator1318d ago

The headline mkes it seem like they're hiring AI, not programmers, lol.