Let's talk about the PlayStation 4's potential to be the finest console ever

Digitally Downloaded writes: "The PlayStation 4 turns 18 months old this month. It's been a whirlwind 18 months, but I know I couldn't go without the console now."

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Abash1316d ago

The PS4 is easily the most efficient console ever made. It's always a great experience playing on it with it's fast installs, user friendly and quick interface, and it's features like Suspend/Resume and PS Spotify just make it a joy to game on.

mcstorm1316d ago

Tbh I think this gen has been one of the harder gens to pick a console from. If you look at what all 3 have to offer in terms of games now its hard to say which one is the best. Having games like Mario 3d world, super smash bros, Mario kart 8 on the wiiu, titanfall, tmcc, sunset overdrive, horizon 2 on the Xbox one and games like DC, bloodborne & TLOFR it is really all based on what games you like to what console you get.

For me my Xbox one gets the more use because of the TV side as I use it for Netflix, nowtv, gamecentre Xbox music and my BT TV and the game I play the most at the moment is Horizon 2. But that ia me. My brother is never off his wiiu and my best friend is a big FIFA fan and he is never off his ps4.

I don't think any of these consoles can be put down as the best ever just year as they are only just getting into the new generation but give it another 4 or 5 years and then we can start to say if any of them are up there with the likes of the snes and ps2

miyamoto1316d ago

The PlaySaviour 4 is the most well balanced and well rounded console ever made improving on the PS2 in terms of
quantity of Quality Japanese and Western made games,
multi-media functionality,
Online Play,
its got many gamers excited once again to play video games
its relevance and impact on the industry and entertainment in general
its design philosophy and principles

etc, etc.

Such a well thought of, designed and crafted console.

The Best Ever

otherZinc1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

@Matt S. Author,

So, Indie Games that could be made on last gen consoles, is the reason you think the PS4 is the finest console ever? Really.

That PS4 fall lineup looks terrible. That would mean holiday 2013, 2014, & 2015 will be void of top AAA Games...& you're happy with that Matt S.

The first 7 paragraphs were terrible & not what I'd expect from a next gen console.

So, Tropico 5 & Omega Quintet have you beaming with excitement, yeah, ok.

Not me, I expect much more than Indie Games leading the charge for holiday 2015. I expect AAA Games by the 3rd holiday season, period!

mkis0071316d ago

Fall lineup will be announced at e3...

MattS1316d ago

I don't give a toss about AAA games. I mean, it's great you enjoy them and all, but to me indie, Arthouse, Japanese and unique games are far more important, and provide me with far more enjoyment, and it's a statement of fact that the PS4 has a good library of those games.

What is interesting is that you are so completely intolerant of anyone enjoying things that you don't that you turn to aggressive and condescending language in a bid to discredit anyone who doesn't fit in with your world view.


PistolsAtDawn1316d ago

So I love my PS4, but the hype around it is insane. Even today, having all gen 8 consoles, I don't feel that the PS4 is the best console...and as far as we can see into the also does not have the best outlook either.

I'm not saying go sell it or it's a piece of junk or anything...hell I still love owning mine....but it's hard for me to believe someone has given all gen 8 consoles a fair shot if they think that the PS4 is the finest console ever made...

StrayaKNT1316d ago

I agree. It's mainly the single console owners I think because like you I own all consoles and the ps4 is far from the best imo.

Rimeskeem1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

Having had or still have the PS2, PS3, Wii, Wii U, Xbox One, Gamecube, PS4, Nintendo 64, etc....

I can safely say that the PS4 is one of the best if not the best console i have experienced so far (does not include PC).

Of course this is subjective and completely based off personal preference. Disagreeing with me is completely logical.

reko1316d ago


"I own all consoles" hahahahahahahaha
And you are trying to convince who? Nice try hahahahahahahaha haha haha hahahahaha
Hahahahaha hahahahahhaha!!!! 😂

ninsigma1316d ago

Well you would say that. We all know where your allegiances lie. But that's ok, you're allowed to like the xbox better :)
I have all three as well and PS4 imo beats the other two on everything I care about. UI is best on PS4, I can't stand the x1 UI. The store is a lot better on the ps4 as well. Because I have a ps3 and vita also, ps+ is the better subscription. Better library of games on ps4 for me as well.

But I like stuff on x1 and wii u as well. Captain toad was incredible! And sunset overdrive was a hell of a lot of fun. And there are games coming for those two consoles that I'm looking forward to, like splatoon this month.

While best is an opinion (to a degree), the fact that you say PS4 is far from the best makes you sound like you don't know anything about it. Or maybe you just play it with your eyes closed.

St0rm_Cr0w1316d ago

Dude you're basically Georgenoob with a different avatar. You aint foolin' nobody.

bouzebbal1316d ago

which console is the best? tell us! and mostly WHY :D
you two are just talking. At least give some arguments to stand by what you're saying.
From this gen i have Wii U and PS4. It's to me the best combo due to the very complementary games they both offer.

Xer0_SiN1316d ago

nevermind this guy. he thinks tiger electronics r-zone is the greatest console ever made.

donthate1316d ago

I think the PS4 ability to be the "finest console ever" is completely unlikely. The PS2 was great for it's time and so was the SNES. Those were truly some of the best consoles ever, but that was because they excelled at one thing on a one "thing" console i.e. purely gaming device.

Now a days, you have to look broader and the PS4 only excels in gaming, and even at that it is marginal. The features of the Xbox One surpasses the PS4 by a long mile, and the Wii U has and will have some of the most unique and fun exclusives games around not replicated on any other console.

Personally, I think it is great we have such diverse choices of consoles, and I am only saddened that the PS4 is so hyped up that it's not getting any chance to get any pressure from other consoles to improve itself. This is arguably bad for PS4 owners and hugely benefits other console owners.

kraenk121316d ago

We all know all you own is an XBox One.

guyman1316d ago

Yea you dont own all consoles. You only own an xbox one.

SniperControl1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )


"Personally, I think it is great we have such diverse choices of consoles, and I am only saddened that the PS4 is so hyped up that it's not getting any chance to get any pressure from other consoles to improve itself. This is arguably bad for PS4 owners and hugely benefits other console owners"

Really?? lol, tell me, where is that "hype" coming from?
I'll tell you where it's coming from, 22 million plus PS4 owners, that's where.
Hype will only get you so far, 18 months on the market and the PS4 is still selling by the bucket load with a ratio of 2:1 over it's nearest competitor and that isn't because of hype, it's because of a quality "games" console with a great diversity in games.

Me, personally, i bought the PS4 to play games, i didnt buy it to watch movies on or have a chat with my mate. Guarantee most PS4 owners bought it for the same reasons as i play games.

AndrewLB1315d ago


"Really?? lol, tell me, where is that "hype" coming from?
I'll tell you where it's coming from, 22 million plus PS4 owners, that's where.
Hype will only get you so far, 18 months on the market and the PS4 is still selling by the bucket load with a ratio of 2:1 over it's nearest competitor and that isn't because of hype, it's because of a quality "games" console with a great diversity in games. "

Where are all these "quality" games you speak of? The vast majority of exclusive games that the hype machine couldn't stop praising prior to release ended up falling flat, Bloodborne being one of the few exceptions. In fact, there isn't a single PS4 exclusive in the top 10 selling PS4 games right now. So every time I hear people say they buy PS4 because of the great games and not brand loyalty, one could only laugh, because as of right now... I have yet to see a large enough spike in hardware sales that corresponded with the release of an exclusive that would prove that it's the games that sell the system. As of right now, 9 out of 10 top selling PS4 games are multi-platform that look almost exactly the same as their Xbone counterpart... so once again, the vast majority of console sales this generation would be based on brand loyalty, hype, etc than for actual games.

Some numbers that actually surprised me were how out of 22 million PS4 console owners, only 1 in 10 bought Killzone: Shadowfall, 1 in 10 bought Infamous:SS, about 1 in 16 bought DriveClub, and 1 in 20 bought Knack. And these are the TOP selling PS4 exclusives!!!

Or if you divide the total number of games sold by how many consoles, PS4 owners have only bought an average of 4.4 games per console. This number of games per console is exactly the same as for Xbone, which further reinforces my point that people don't buy consoles for exclusive games.

And because I was bored, I found that the average number of games purchased per PS3 console was only 10.45, while xbox 360 was slightly more at 11.10. You can read into those numbers in all sorts of ways, but it further leads me to believe that exclusive games have little to do with hardware sales.

I also found that the console that's sold the most games would be WiiU (4.9), but that can easily be attributed to being released earlier.

btw... this post has nothing to do with PS4 vs Xbone nonsense. I don't own any console systems. It's purpose was to show that all these claims that they bought (insert console name here) did so because of great exclusives, is largely nonsense in the great scheme of things. A bunch of fanatical fanboys are obviously going to say things like that as opposed to admitting they were just jumping on a bandwagon, have undying love for a corporation, or simply bought into the hype machine.
love for great video games shouldn't be a team sport like it's turned into these days, and immediately hitting the disagree button the moment you see an an article or comment isn't praising your team is just pathetic, juvenile, and speaks volumes about their character.

Christopher1315d ago

***Where are all these "quality" games you speak of? The vast majority of exclusive games that the hype machine couldn't stop praising prior to release ended up falling flat,***

Who said quality games had to be exclusive? Most people buy consoles for third-party titles. And, apparently, most people think that PS4 does a better job at providing a quality experience with those in comparison to its competitors. Kind of like how 360 did the same last generation, even if the first-party options of the PS3 typically outperformed the first-party options of the 360 as far as "quality" was concerned.

gangsta_red1315d ago

"it's because of a quality "games" console with a great diversity in games."

Lol, one game like Bloodborne comes along and cleans house and all of a sudden the PS4 library is bursting with diversity and quality games.

Let's not pretend that the PS4 out the gate was 100 dollars cheaper, sold a week earlier and is available in more areas than the direct competition.

Nope...was all those quality games that did it.

Christopher1314d ago

***Let's not pretend that the PS4 out the gate was 100 dollars cheaper, sold a week earlier and is available in more areas than the direct competition. ***

Let's also not pretend that the now $50 cheaper, and during the Holidays even cheaper with free games added onto it, console has suddenly closed the gap either? Let's also pretend that the average review scores aren't higher on PS4? That there aren't more games and just as diverse, if not a more diverse, selection of games in general?

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Aloy-Boyfriend1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

It says, ''PS4's potential to be'' not that it is the finest one. Just like any of your 8 consoles have the potential to be that as well.

The hype around it isn't as insane. The machine is well designed and it's capable of delivering good gaming. As much as others don't agree with PS4's success and sales, it is what is hot right now on the market, and it has good games both 1st and 3rd party. There are many things Ps4 does right. But for now, I'll leave you with this: It's all opinions and I agree the PS4 is an amazing machine and has potential to be finest if Sony keeps delivering good games.

PistolsAtDawn1316d ago

I do agree that the article is simply about "potential" to be the finest...but the only reason I provided my opinion about it is because as someone that owns all the's not the best now and doesn't have the brightest fact in the future (as far as we know so far) it actually seems to lose steam in the future compared to other consoles.

Again, there is nothing WRONG with PS4...but if you're gonna write an article about how a console "can become the finest" it would make more sense to pick the one with the most potential IMO.

If you ONLY owned a PS4 I have no doubt that you'd be happy with's a great machine. But if you have them all and give them all a fair shot...the PS4 just becomes a more powerful PS3 but with less excellent exclusives, so far the exclusives on PS4 have been rather disappointing, it's losing exclusives by the day and the next anticipated one was recently delayed until 2016 (UC4).

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

"It says, ''PS4's potential to be'' not that it is the finest one."

Exactly. Some are taking it to mean that the PS4 is the best.
What it is the best at right now is having more exclusive games to choose from and having a diverse library of exclusive content from every genre such as:

Natural Doctrine - Strategy RPG
Omega Quintet - JRPG
Bloodborne - action RPG
Drive Club - Racing
Little Big Planet - puzzle/simulator/world builder
Infamous Second Son - Action/open world
Killzone Shadowfall - FPS
TLOU Remastered - Survival
Broken Age - adventure
Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn - MMORPG
Guilty Gear Xrd - Fighting
MLB 15 The Show - Baseball
Knack - Platformer
MotoGP 14 - Motorcycle racing
The Road Not Taken - Puzzle

It's an incomplete list that i've offered to show how much depth and diversity the PS4 library already has which includes games from every genre on it's system and that is what I mean when I say "Variety truly is the spice of life."

Now there are some who seem to think that GAMERS and people who enjoy playing VIDEO GAMES are looking for features instead of GAMES. Well, for those of you who believe that features should take priority over GAMES on a GAMING CONSOLE, enjoy your features and let the rest of us enjoy our games.

stuna11316d ago

Well said! At the moment I only own the PS4, but I have tried the others and although they all have something to offer the PS4 simply has the best backing this generation. What is not subjective at this point is the fact that the PS4 is a collaboration of industry wide developers! That's something that can't be debated. Because of that fact I think that the PS4 has a lot more potential that has yet to be unlocked. Going by past generations Sony has never been one's to put all their cards on the table.


Exactly how doesn't it have the brightest future!? That doesn't exactly make sense to me! Looking at it from a different perspective, the PS4 stands to outlast both of the other consoles.

Not taking anything from the other systems.

The WIi U is terribly outmatched in just support alone, not to mention it is definitively the weakest of the other consoles.

The Xbox1 is no longer the first choice that developers look at when it comes to ease of development like last gen! Which will probably turn out like it did for the PS3 which meant less support and less time taken to really get the best results.

Then there's the glaring fact that the Xbox1 is already having to rely on power boost to stay comparable with the competitor. Example would be the "Cloud" to boost performance and power, the up clock, and what many believe DX12 is about.

The PS4 hasn't had to rely on any of these things as of yet, because there's been no need too.

Sarobi1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

"I don't feel"

You may not feel that way, but there is a long list of people who do feel that way.

wodan1316d ago


"it's losing exclusives by the day" dude if you want to troll at least make some sense instead of telling a complete lie.

"if you're gonna write an article about how a console "can become the finest" it would make more sense to pick the one with the most potential IMO".

What article were you reading because in this article the writer picked the one with the most potential the real gaming machine.

Stogz1316d ago

Ive seen you write fanboy nonsense on IGN, so it's no surprise youd put this out here. I own all 3 and prefer my ps4 to the X1, just because YOU feel that way, doesn't make the X1 the best for everyone...

2pacalypsenow1316d ago

I own all 3 consoles and I can say for me the ps4 is the best of the 3

HakatoX1316d ago

sorry pistols....
couldn't pay mind to other exclusives....
too busy getting my ass handed to me in Bloodborne.

stuna11316d ago

Haha you too? Seriously It's games like Bloodborne that set the PS4 apart from the pack! And to think this is just the beginning. The variety of games should be a testimony to why the PS4 has gained mass appeal. History speaks for itself, and Sony has a long History of delivering the goods.

Volkama1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

Depends. I think you could argue that it has the brightest future just by virtue of it selling so well, as that means it'll get the most games.

Harder to predict which console will end up with the best feature set and tech. So much research and development centres around external tech (cloud services, streaming etc) that we can't really look at what came in the box to figure out what it will be able to do 5 years from now.

Of course you can form your own opinion on which console is best right now, but that's not the topic :)

PistolsAtDawn1315d ago (Edited 1315d ago )

...actually that is exactly the topic. It's an opinion piece about which console has the most potential.

@Hidden, I did state why it's far from the best...but I didn't look at it from a negative aspect about the PS4 (other than lack of quality exclusives)...I looked at it more as compared to other consoles that show having MORE potential. My intention wasn't to trash talk PS4...just point out that it's not the one with the brightest future.

Volkama1315d ago

@Pistols If the topic is "potential" then your favourite games or OS or whatever it is that makes you prefer one console or another doesn't really fit that definition.

Potential is largely an unknown entity, particularly when you talk about these consoles that aren't limited by their internal hardware. Their internet connectivity gives them both huge potential, because the external hardware they have access to is not fixed.

However, if you want to talk about potential of the boxes themselves, potential that is easier qualify, then there are far less topics of discussion. The PS4 has more powerful local hardware, therefore it has more potential. That's really the only fixed point I can think of that can cap potential.

BUT it's quite a crummy article. I don't even know by what criteria you'd define "best console ever", so the whole thing is moot. We probably shouldn't even try to engage in any discussion when the article makes no points to discuss.

HiddenMission1316d ago

Ok then state why it's far from the best...if not then you sound biased and you might just be lying...

Christopher1314d ago (Edited 1314d ago )

*wrong reply*

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BitbyDeath1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

The amount of exclusives PS4 is already getting is pretty crazy.
And this is only year 1, PS2 gaming levels are certainly achievable this gen.

PistolsAtDawn1316d ago

HAHAHAHAHA Sorry but if that list is what you are using as proof it ONLY proves you have an agenda. Not only is the list MASSIVELY wrong, but clearly on one side you are counting any and everything that you can even remotely call an exclusive and on the other side you're trying hard NOT to count exclusives.

...all you did was prove that we should disregard your opinion as fanboyism.

BitbyDeath1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

Image while not mine was put together from the list on listwar. Point out what is wrong.

Septic1316d ago

Sorry but that PS4 list isn't all that great. The few X1 games on there are far more appealing imo.

BitbyDeath1316d ago


Everyone has different tastes.
I prefer Until Dawn over anything on the Xbox list for example.

wegetsignalx1308d ago

The list is accurate, as it covers retail and not digital exclusives. You are the one that is wrong.

PS4 also has many digital exclusives, but the list does not cover them.

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StrayaKNT1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

That list is so embarrassing, I'll take halo 5 over everything.
Plus where is
Space engineers
Super hot
Elite dangerous
Fast and furious

And you forgot xbox owners get like 6 or 7 AAA games with ea access.
Seriously though I don't think you should
Go around posting that link it is soooooo embarrassing to ps4 owners including me.

poor_cus_of_games1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

Them EA access games are also on playstation. Troll harder next time. Sure I thought that indies weren't games. Hypocrites. Also I have all 3 of this gens consoles and the PS4 is the clear winner. It feels like a real gaming machine. Unlike the xbox. Which is slow and clumsy.

SniperControl1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

Give it a break, ea access lol, your paying for old games which 80% of gamers will have played/owned a year ago, your also paying to play demos which should be free.

ea are total ripoff scam artists who are tottaly destroying gaming and you guys are totally lapping it up.

You have never or will own a PS4, stop telling little porkies.

BitbyDeath1316d ago

The screen grab is retail titles only, the titles you listed do not fit that criteria.

q8kik1316d ago


Elite Dangerous is coming to the PS4

And one of the trailers for Super Hot said "First to console on Xbox1" so we know where that game is gonna go next.

Space engineers is also coming to the PS4 12 months later according to this

"The official announcement specifically states that Space Engineers is exclusive to the Xbox One for a 12-month period so expect it to come to PS4 after."

Also, that list posted by BitbyDeath CLEARLY says retail games at the top......I don't know why you find it embarrassing when it's true.....In fact, it's missing some PS4 retail games if anything.

buttcheeks1316d ago

Lolololol...aussie you dont want to start bringing up indies and pc games because there is a list of them coming to the ps4 that would make u want to off yourself

mxguy931316d ago

With your logic I guess we can count the games on psnow as ps4 games too?

MasterCornholio1316d ago

Your just getting desperate.


CaptainObvious8781315d ago (Edited 1315d ago )

All fanboys are annoying, but MS fanboys take the cake. No other group of fanboys are so utterly delusional in the face of facts. And you even have the audacity to call that list embarrassing. It seems like that list has hit you so hard you've decided to completely escape from reality.

Surely you must be trolling us. Surely you can't be that unaware of reality. You're making a bad name for Aussie gamers, like me.

And clearly the list says RETAIL exclusives for 2015. There's lots of great exclusives indies come to the xbone (a lot of the ones you mentioned are timed btw), but according to people like you indies are trash. We're just playing your own logic.

And it's clear you're desperately reaching by mentioning EA access. The extra games PSN Plus members get relative to Games for Gold negates that anyway.

It's fine to love your xbone, just don't pretend like PS4 doesn't have a lot more exclusives over your console of choice. It's a losing battle.

wegetsignalx1308d ago

Those games are not included because they are digital only. If you want to look at some upcoming PS4 digital exclusives:

Deep Down, Alienation, Drawn to Death, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, Rime, BigFest, Fat Princess Adventure, Guns Up!, Henka Twist Caper, Hunger, Kill Strain, Let it Die, Mysterious Chronicle, N++, Ready to Run, Rime, Shadow of the Beast, Spelunker Z, Super Exploding Zoo, The Assembly, The Tomorrow Children, Wattam, What Remains of Edith Finch, WiLD, Without Memory

PS4+PC Upcoming Digital exclusive: Notable games include No Man's Sky, Abzu, Astebreed, Broforce, Darkest Dungeon, DayZ, Orcs Must Die: Unchained, The Talos Principle, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, Day of the Tentacle Remastered, DayZ, Dungeon Defenders II, HellBlade, Killing Floor 2, Dreamfall Chapters, The Forest, The Witness, and Galak-Z.

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crazychris41241316d ago

Idk gonna be tough to dethrone the PS2. Of course the PS4 is more powerful and has better features but the PS2 had a massive library of games that I don't think a console will ever come close to reaching. I mean just a huge variety of games and with a ton of quality games, anything you can think of was probably made on the PS2. Plus it was a lot cheaper in those days to make games so you had a lot more companies pushing out games. Best part about that generation was devs and the community didn't really seem to care about graphics. Seemed like more effort was put into making the game great then they worked on making it look nice. Not like today where you see some companies put more effort in the best graphics and not as much into making the game fun *cough Crytek cough.

I still have my PS2 and at one point I had well over 100 games which is pretty good for a young kid with a summer job, getting a couple games every christmas n birthday and no Steam sales that made the games dirt cheap.

FinalFantasyFanatic1316d ago

This is what I like about Playstation consoles in general. A wide diversity of genres to play, to an extent I enjoyed that on the PS3 and most likely will on the PS4. PS4 future is looking pretty bright when you look at the games lineup (current and future releases). It defiantly got a good head start this gen, it might reach the same level as PS2, only time will tell (just gotta keep pumping out those games and not shovelware).

1316d ago
wegetsignalx1308d ago

PS4 already has a wide variety of games, and it's getting Japanese developer support not seen since the PS2 days.

Agent_hitman1316d ago

Hope that Sony would make another Ratchet and Clank game for Ps4 :P

q8kik1316d ago

A new R&C game will be released this year :)

FattyBoy3D1316d ago

No. A remastered R&C game will be released this year. It is not new

MasterCornholio1316d ago


Its a reboot not a remaster.