EA Talks About Virtual Reality and Game Streaming; Has “Incubation” Efforts on Both Fronts

During its latest financial conference call, Electronic Arts shared its stance on game streaming technology and virtual reality.

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dirkdady1322d ago

Does that mean EA is now backing playstation projects? i.e. Morpheus and playstation now

_-EDMIX-_1322d ago

I'm not sure why they wouldn't. I think all major publishers are seeing what they can do with VR in the future. I seen no reason why they wouldn't add games to PS Now in the future.

KnownAsEpic1322d ago

Why not? If it's because of the EA Access thing, Sony rejected that. Not EA.

nunley331322d ago

EA puts their games on every available option there is so they'll have some VR morpheus games.

Volkama1322d ago

But not before Ubisoft, who probably have 6 Morpheus games that have gone gold already.