22 Million PS4 and Xbox One Consoles Will Be Sold in 2015 According to Electronic Arts

During the quarterly Electronic Arts financial conference call, the publisher announced its prediction for PS4 and Xbox One sales for the current year.

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affrogamer1322d ago

65-70% of those numbers will be PS4!

Brotard1322d ago

Most likely though halo 5 will help a bit

darthv721322d ago

the sales for Halo 5 may not be like what they were for halo 3. That was coming off the huge success of halo 2 and was the 3rd (and final) game of the trilogy so there was allot of interested parties who got the 360 for that game.

Halo 5 is no doubt going to be a big game for the XB1. And it wont surprise me if the increase in units sold is due to the ones holding on to their 360's are finally making that jump to next gen. I know im still holding out.

And perhaps the price will be lower by then. I know several PS4 owners that are also halo fans and are waiting to get the XB1 when halo 5 comes out. So dont be surprised if the number of multiconsole owners increases exponentially this year.

RocketScienceLvlStuf1322d ago

I'd say 70-80% will be PS4's. PS4 came out the gate selling 2 to 1. That figure will only keep growing as everyone realizes how superior the ps4 is. Sales will just keep compounding.

darthv721322d ago

And how superior is the PS4? Do tell.

SpinalRemains1381322d ago


Extremely effin.


gangsta_red1322d ago

70-80% will be PS4's? Too funny Watercooler...I mean Rocketscience.

ThinkThink1321d ago

We will most likely end the generation at PS4-45%, XB1-40%, WII-U 15%

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hello121322d ago

I doubt it.

Microsoft will sell more consoles this year than they did last year After E3 its going to be fun.

darthv721322d ago

Well they certainly can't sell any less.

bleedsoe9mm1322d ago (Edited 1322d ago )

i would bet xb1 outsells the ps4 this year in US and UK at least , unless sony has a bunch of surprise AAA exclusives for fall that we don't know about . i would also guess it carries over until late spring next year , if quantum break and a gears game potentially out next spring .

Transistor1322d ago (Edited 1322d ago )

It's a pretty conservative number from EA.

lelo2play1322d ago (Edited 1322d ago )

Well, I already have a PS4... so probably get a X1 in 3Q/4Q 2015.
X1 bundled with a game (Tomb Raider) for 300€, and I'm sold.

darthv721322d ago

that would not surprise me if the sales of XB1's increase from those who already have a PS4. This gen could turn out very much like last gen.

There is a point where the price of these systems will be low enough to own both (all 3 with the wiiu) and games-a-plenty to be had across the board.

rainslacker1322d ago

I don't think multi-console owners/purchases make up a significant bulk of the game buying public. Overall, if people are interested in the exclusives coming out on both systems, I think they would have already picked up both systems, since the exclusives are varied enough between the two platforms.

Basing things anecdotally I know a lot of hardcore gamers, and only a couple have/had both a PS3 and a 360 last gen. Only one of my friends has both a PS4 and a X1. one of those two combined with a WiiU makes up about half of them. The overriding reason why they don't own both is because there really isn't much point beyond the 1st party exclusives, and they aren't plentiful or varied enough to bother dropping a bunch of money on another system, and to me anything over $200 is a bunch of money for exclusives.

1322d ago
Persistantthug1322d ago

If PS4 gets a price drop to $300 in 2015, I would expect the PS4 sell in the neighborhood of 20 million units.....give or take 2 mil or so. :)

kraenk121322d ago (Edited 1322d ago )

The last few weeks the PS4 was outselling the X1 3:1 so the chances are it will be even more, even despite the big games coming out at the end of the year for X1.

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Bathyj1322d ago

Cmon, XBOne will sell more than 7 million surely.

BitbyDeath1322d ago

Xbox sold <7M last year so hard to tell given they have no big games for the first 10 months unlike last year where they had Titanfall out in the first 3.

RiPPn1322d ago

So 15 million PS4s and 7 million Xbox Ones.. sounds a little low for PS4.

remixx1161322d ago

Um I'm guessing around 30 million, ps4 will probably move 16-18 million alone

TwilightSparkle1322d ago

Okay that's 20 mil ps4 and 2 mil xone.....Just kidding don't kill me xone fans><

remixx1161322d ago

I woulda got flagged for that lol.

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