Where Did All the Old Japanese Studios Go?

Japanese studios have mostly disappeared from mainstream gaming and here's why.

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"...are all starting to slowly dissolve under the pressures of our changing market."

Wasn't this an issue with a lot of Japanese producers a while ago. Weren't there articles from a lot of Japanese designers and producers saying how their respective companies are still stuck in the old ways of game making and thinking and with this new rise of western development could endanger Japanese game development.

And sure enough it did. A lot of these Japanese developers just couldn't switch with the times. Couldn't change their old game design ways, cater to outside audiences, or other factors. Western developers took a market that was dominated by Japanese game makers and made it their own (for better or worse depending on what you enjoy).

A lot of these well known Japanese companies are going all mobile too. It's like they have given up being competitive now there are other kids in the neighborhood that can play just as well as they can.

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