Check out Wolfenstein: The Old Blood running in 4K at Ultra Settings

In this episode of MAXED, Brian takes a look at Wolfenstein: The Old Blood. How does this standalone prequel stack up to Wolfenstein: The New Order?

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Timesplitter141319d ago

yes I can definitely see the greatness of 4k on my 1080p monitor

MilkMan1319d ago

I was just thinking the same thing, and why am I seeing more of this dumb articles talking about 4k this and 4k that. As if they are trying to sell me something (again).
F**k your 4k bro!
damn 3D, VR, now 4K. Whatever.

traumadisaster1319d ago

20 years ago a guy said the same general thing when talking about upgrading to 800x600.

4k is dumb like SD to hd or 300x200 to 540. Cmon man, every decade for 30 years resolutions increase, wiki much...?

MilkMan1318d ago

Maybe im not being clear.
grainy visual upgrades to Bluray quality was something the market was screaming for, we needed it and we got it. 4k, 3D and VR we did not.
Also the human eye can only see but so much it up.

YoungKingDoran1319d ago

Reminds me of the advertisements for DVD on VHS rentals. Remember those?
Lol... Even as a kid I thought they were ridiculous, since you know, you were watching it on VHS.

Eddie201011319d ago

I like how he spoils the first part of the game, dumb A22.

Alucardx031319d ago

It's a gameplay video. Did you honestly think you could watch it and have NOTHING spoiled?

Eddie201011319d ago

Needs to provide a spoiler warning, he spoke of specific things in the game, basically giving away the first part of the story. Parts he didn't show because he didn't like them. Don't need a lot of conversation on the game if it's just meant to show what 4k graphics look like. It' not a walk through video or specifically meant to show game play.

You are not as SMART as you think you are.

kraenk121318d ago

Actually even on a 1080p monitor you can see a difference by reduced antialiasing through downsampling.

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i8urCAKE1319d ago

does anyone even have 4k screen lol

Qrphe1319d ago

I honestly wouldn't get "first wave" monitor unless you're willing to pay over 1k on it.

NovusTerminus1319d ago

4 Titan X's, and he's only getting 30-40FPS.

That's why I don't do multi GPU, you don't get the full benefit, and we have to wait and see how DX12 works them.

And this is also why I don't go for 4k. (2160p, but that's a different argument all together...) It's just not cost effective right now.

Alucardx031319d ago (Edited 1319d ago )

It's a problem with optimization (or Id Tech 5). In most games, I can get well over 60fps at 4K ultra settings. In fact, The Old Blood is the first game I've played that doesn't scale worth a damn. I'm sure they'll optimize it further, but right now, it kinda runs like crap.

But I agree with you that it's not cost-effective. The only reason I purchased the quad Titan X setup is for my website-- otherwise, I would have gone with a dual SLI.

NovusTerminus1319d ago (Edited 1319d ago )

Fully understand, and if they ever need a home, I'll take your Titan's! XP

4K looks amazing, and once GPU's are capable of running it better, I will move on up to it.

Until then I'll keep my GTX 780 until the next series of GPU's launch, or I happen to land in some spare money sometime.

Hoping DX12 fixes the issue with Multi GPU profiles, I might try an SLI set up again if the it does.

RadioActiveTwinky1319d ago

I guess most of you haven't heard of Downsampling or as its also known as DSR.
You get the benefits of 4k or 1440p in a 1080p monitor.

sevilha821319d ago

Now if only i had a 4K tv...

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