Check Out The Witcher 3’s Menus, Skills, Equipment, Horse Equipment and More in Several Screencaps

During a livestream hosted by, we saw a lot of the menus of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, giving a glimpse of the skill trees, many individual skills (including the most advanced), and equipment.

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ninsigma1316d ago

I'm just ready for this game to be here! Got my 2nd 970 today and hitting near 300 FPS in Bioshock infinite and 70 to 80+ in tomb raider reboot. Both with everything on. Just looking at the improvement is making me want to run the witcher 3 even more. And once that 1440p monitor arrives on Thursday it's going to make the wait unbearable!!!

Nice screen shots. I like how it shows the armour on in the menu.

Bah! Just be here already!

starchild1316d ago

Lucky guy, nice rig. You're going to have an awesome experience on that setup.

Anyway, the game is looking amazing and the wait seems so long, even though it's only 13 days away.

UKmilitia1316d ago

i stripped down my gaming rig other year,it can run a few games but i went more towards consoles and will still have fun but when i see it on pc at ultra i do kinda have regrets of selling (although ps4 version is said to be high)

ninsigma1316d ago

I have no doubt it will be just as good on console. If I didn't have the pc I'd be playing it on ps4 but seein as I do I'm not gonna waste the potential xD

Witcher 3 is gonne be awesome no matter the platform so don't worry about playing on ps4. Just kick back and prepare for awesomeness :D

ThunderPulse1316d ago

1080/60 Witcher 3 can't happen soon enough!

kingeliran1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

Just release it already instead of telling us how great it is you already bought me since you announced it back then.

Well i have GTX 770 and core i7 930 the recommanded system requirment card is GTX 770 so i hope im good to run this game at least on high. My core i7 is a bit aged so i hope for the best.

rezzah1316d ago

I'm going to equip my horse with armor that turns it into a tank that fire laser beams.

Those pictures made me become a more hyped for the game.