Vote for the Best Game of E3 2008

So the last week has been a busy one:

- Watching the E3 press conferences...
- Checking out the various live blogging commentary....
- Viewing the various game play trailers...
- Reading the hands on impressions...

After all of this, what do you think was the top game of E3 2008?

We have limited the list to the big 3 consoles. The list is randomized, to not show preference. Finally, you will only be able to vote for one game, one time, so make it count!

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-M4verick-3801d ago

I had to go with God of War III. Just so Epic.

superflyguy3801d ago

between Killzone 2, God of War 3, and Gears of War 2.

Mc Fadge3801d ago

I can't decide ;________;!

I choose... LittleBigPlanet <3

dro3801d ago

it made me go wow when i say the monster...epic, i did not want to vote for a game that did not show gameplay footage even tho the god of war 3 trailer looked epic.

Overr8ed3801d ago

At frist look stream i wasn't completely impressed but when i saw the trailer on my PS3 i was like... DAMN!!!!! and the info that they have given us made me happy.

Gears was good too but it like we had already seen most of that stuff.

Truplaya3801d ago (Edited 3801d ago )

i voted for deadspace because its one of the only ones that made me go wow and was a little more than a teaser trailer. plus its a new IP and was unexpected.

You can already tell Sony fans are on there. Did Resistance 2 really wow you more than anything else? I was underwelmed by the graphics (mainly the lack of detail in environment) and set piece nature of the whole scene.

i cant wait for God of War but i wont vote for a teaser that short.
same with the portal game.

Others like Killzone, Gears and RE5 i had already seen footage of so not much new to see.

socomnick3801d ago

For me it was either LBP or Gears of war 2.

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