Unboxing the Project CARS PS4 Limited Edition Steelbook

VVV: "With the much anticipated release of Project CARS this week comes the obligatory limited edition. Available exclusively at GAME here in the UK, the Project CARS limited edition steelbook has been sold out for several months on PS4 and Xbox One, so expect to pay sky high prices on ebay - some sellers are already charging as much as £99.99 to lure collectors. At time of writing, GAME do still have some stock left for the PC version retailing at £34.99. The PS4 and Xbox One editions were originally sold for £59.99."

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Naga1323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

<heavy breathing>

So much want.

Me-Time1323d ago

Keep expectations low, but be surprised.

King-u-mad1323d ago

Well said but i feel it would be "Keep expectations low," then" be surprised."

Me-Time1323d ago

Eerie. I was going to change it, then I decided to leave it be.

haha NOOOO joke.

level 3601323d ago

Will be getting my copy tomorrow ( 7th for Australia ).