GameTrailers: DC Universe Online E3 2008: Gameplay and Story Interview

Learn about the gameplay mechanics, power-leveling system, and the heroes and villians of the DC universe.

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x THE CHEETAH x3775d ago

This is the kind of game that I've been waiting twenty years for... ever since I started reading comics back in the 80s, I've always wanted live action movies of the characters (which we're starting to get more of) and I've always wanted a video game that can do justice to the genre... hope this game delivers. I'm expecting it to.

KillahCam3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

I'm loving this game one of my favorite showings at E3. Damn I wish I could go to Comic Com to play this well i'll just wait to see the actual game footage. create your own Justice league with friends thats Bananas.

x THE CHEETAH x3775d ago

I hear ya... being able to create our own league or maybe just team up with a brother or friend and become a feared duo... awesome... I imagine Comic-Con will reveal more soon.

Raoh3775d ago

"Right now we are a pc/ps3 exclusive"

was he hinting at 360 in the future?