Rogue Legacy coming to Xbox One on May 27th

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So Rogue Legacy is finally making its way to the Xbox One, and we’re super excited to be bringing it to you guys! It’s been a long time coming, but we did our best to ensure the experience was as faithful to the original as possible. We worked closely with Abstraction Games and now we’re finally able to extend our legacy to fans on the Xbox One.

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gangsta_red1316d ago

Looks cool...wasn't this game on Playstation 4?

Yes it was...interesting.

Eonjay1316d ago

Rouge Legacy I think started off on PC and Wii U. I believe it was also on 3DS. It came to PS4 and Vita and it will be headed to Xbox one next. its very addictive.

gangsta_red1316d ago

It looks extremely fun. Any game sporting the retro style look pretty much has me sold.

MasterCornholio1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

The game is quite fun. I wouldn't have played it if it wasn't for plus.

DigitalRaptor1316d ago (Edited 1315d ago )

Yes, it was.... and still is. It's also cross-buy and cross-save on PS4/PS3 and Vita.

It's awesome to be able to take this game on the move, because trust me you will want to. It's that addictive. :)

Just out of curiosity gangsta, man. Why do you mention that specifically, when it's been out on almost every current platform already?

1) The 3DS is also a dedicated handheld and it's extremely popular among consumers, so that assumption is just really incorrect.

// Your logic & fact result is "Blatantly wrong".

2) I don't take my Vita outside when doing "outside activities" though. It takes the a large portion of my commute to and from work. Also to remote play my PS4. It's wonderful to have these options.

// Your logic & fact result is "Opinion vs. opinion".

3) I know it's not on "every" platform, because I said "almost every".

// Your logic & fact result is "Comprehension error".

4) More and more games "everyday" making their way from the PS4 to the XB1 is really pushing it. You said everyday. Everyday. That is either an astounding lie or something you'd have more trouble than worth even trying to prove. PS4 receives game announcements at a much higher pace, than in which games are making their way from PS4 to XB1. You work out the math on that.

// Your logic & fact result is "Blatantly wrong".

// Your FINAL "just using logic and facts" result is "Oopsie daisies".

gangsta_red1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

Not really interested in taking a game like this outside when I'm on the move.

I fall in the category of not needing a dedicated handheld device mainly because I just don't have any time when doing my outside activities. Which I can only assume why the Vita isn't that popular among consumers.

I didn't know it was on "every" current platform, but I am definitely glad that more and more games everyday are making their way from the PS4 to the Xbox One. Just using logic and facts.

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scruffy_bear1316d ago

Enjoy xbox fans awesome game

Lionalliance1316d ago

I spend weeks beating the hell out of this thing in my vita! It was worth it!

scruffy_bear1316d ago

Same here, really enjoy this gem

LAWSON721316d ago

But the parity clause males it impossible, then again the devs probably put an effort into getting ported. This game is awesome, the more platforms the better.

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