Tony Hawk Returns – Exclusive First Look


Putting to rest months of cryptic tweets from Tony Hawk, Activision and developer Robomodo have officially announced Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 – a return to the classic gameplay of the series' heyday.

The game is slated to come out on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One later in the year, with PS3 and Xbox 360 versions following shortly thereafter.

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Abash1321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

Yes! I loved the Tony Hawk Pro Skater series, finally we're getting THP5! Cant wait to play it on my PS4

nX1321d ago

I'm looking forward to seeing it in action but unfortunately you can already tell from the screenshots that it's not a full next-gen game, cross-gen development shouldn't exist anymore imo.

Transistor1321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

I got say, I'm not sure I want to see what 'shoot projectiles' means in motion.

I might get sick.

Crimzon1321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

Yeah, it looks like a PS3/360 launch-era game. It also looks really bland and soulless as well, a problem that Activision's Guitar Hero revival is also suffering from.

The SSX game from 2012 is a great example of how to revive an old franchise like this, the developers of Tony Hawk would do well to take note.

gatormatt801320d ago

They lost me at "shoot projectiles." I've never played a Tony Hawk game to shoot stuff, I play these games to have a fun skating experience. Just give me a cool singleplayer storyline in an openworld setting and I'd be happy with that. Oh and ditch the last gen please, lets make this a proper TH game.

Dee_911320d ago

Game looks like early last gen.I was all for a new Tony Hawk, but the graphics look like crap, hopefully a new Skate come out.

moomoo3191320d ago

Why does the guitar hero look bland and soulless? Its completely different than the rest of the series. And SSX was nit a great reboot they got away from the over the top arcadiness that made the series great.

freshslicepizza1320d ago

they continue to play things safe, old systems still being supported.

Corpser1320d ago

It has power ups and projectiles ??

d_g1320d ago

yeah Activision

if you know what i mean

_-EDMIX-_1320d ago

What would it matter? If the game was never going to even remotely take advantage, they might as well make it cross gen. Clearly the development of this game was a while ago and they focused on making it last gen.

They need the money, the game doesn't need to be this graphical power house for its concept to be conveyed.......ITS TONY HAWK FOR GODS SAKE! Lol.

Let them bank on this title and they can make a next gen only title later on. Not every damn game needs such power to convey its concepts.

Look at PC gaming, do you just think that people with certain GPU's just NEVER play games that are lessor graphically?

If they feel this game's concept doesn't need to be exclusively next gen, then so be it.

subtenko1320d ago

Oh wow they revamped that one level! Seeing that pic made my brain revisit how that whole map is layed out, even the secret area :D

But yea I too prefer THUG (more so the first and not the 2nd, I mean the second was cool but..ya THAW, was different, but somehow the magic was lost, i dont remember how, but it was a bit too far off?

OhMyGandhi1320d ago

biggest problem is that it's being developed by Robomodo, of "Tony Hawk RIDE" fame....

1320d ago
Reibooi1320d ago (Edited 1320d ago )

While I do agree it looks rather bland and the graphics are not what they could be I kinda don't mind.

I mean the series lives and dies by it's game play and that was what killed it when they started doing all those dumb gimmicks. If the game plays and feels like a real Tony Hawk game I would be happy enough with that.

Not to mention if this sells a ton you can bet your bum that EA will bring back Skate and that will probably be a more next gen game as far as looks go.

Kidmyst1320d ago

@Crimzon, Shaun White Snowboarding was fun too. I would like a new Next gen Snowboarding game over a skateboarding game.

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yellowgerbil1320d ago

They had me at Tony Hawk, they lost me at 5. I want a new Tony Hawk Underground (like the first not the Jackass filled 2) The original games were great back in the day but I need more than timed runs and collecting the word SKATE I want context.

King-u-mad1320d ago

opinion > opinion is what you meant right? lol

Bobby Kotex1320d ago

Yes! I loved the Tony Hawk Pro Skater series, finally we're getting THP5! Cant wait to play it on my WiiU

Errefus1320d ago

It doesn't say it's coming to Wii u does it?

GordonKnight1320d ago

Sadly I don't think it'll come to the Wii U any time soon. This would've been fun to play on the gamepad. Knowing my luck it will be released on the Wii U after I download for free from PS+.

Transistor1321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

Cross gen needs to stop now.

Also, this looks really rough and sounds terrible. Shoot projectiles? WTF.

I'm usually pretty optimistic about software, but my hype is completely deflated for this title as of now.

yewles11321d ago

"Cross gen needs to stop now."

Don't worry, 8th gen'ers, you still have your exclusive chromatic aberration. ROFL!!!

KwietStorm1321d ago

If you have to roll on the floor, laughing at your own "joke"....

yewles11320d ago

Oh yeah, needing red/cyan 3d glasses at the ready is a real joke alright. XD

pompombrum1320d ago

Yeah, I stopped reading and completely lost interest at the mention of shooting projectiles.

VealParmHero1320d ago

I wish they would just make it like THPS 3 and up. They don't need to change the fundamentals of those games much. It's been long enough and they were so fun. Also cross gen could really hold back the graphics.

Beeker1320d ago

Thps 3 and 4 were on both ps1 and ps2. Nobody was complaining back then. I mean its a tony have game, game play is far more important than the graphics.

_-EDMIX-_1320d ago

It just doesn't make sense to just put all your IPS solely next gen.

Business wise, your talking about 160 million units to not put the game on. For some titles, of course they should invest early in the install base and release certain titles next gen only, purely based off of the growing install base, but not ALL THEIR TITLES, that is insane and makes no sense.

Its too much money to put into a smaller install base. They are correct to do this title cross gen if they feel its concept isn't great enough to make it fully next gen. I'm sorry but your playing this title, your not merely looking at it.

From what I've seen of it, it looks fine. Clearly it can look better fully next gen, but not THAT much better that it would make sense to lose a bunch of money JUST because.

I own a PS4, but that doesn't mean I'm crying for every release to not be CROSS GEN, I got it launch and very much knew how it is early during a consoles life. This is just business, they need to look at their returns. Consider you need this Tony Hawk to sell really well on ALL consoles to get that next gen only title in the future.

Don't just say "needs to stop now". Why? Logically why? Business wise why? and even from a gamer's perspective why?

I don't disagree that some excitement might be "deflated" clearly, but one needs to really get why this is happening. We don't just have gen's right from the start with 100% publishers no longer working on last gen systems....That just doesn't happen and really makes no sense.

We'll get there due time, but for that to happen, this needs to happen.

BLow1320d ago

Thank you. People act as if those 160 million systems don't exist anymore and that everyone has upgraded. Not every game is going to be only this gen for awhile. It's funny how people are always saying that the gameplay that matters the most but the graphics is always talked about first...hmmmm..... O_o Gamers are never satisfied in today's world. This same cycle happens every frickin generation. Short memories....

subtenko1320d ago

You're right, its been a year...time to focus on next gen, they have been courteous enough now. Maybe it still makes sense for smaller games that dont hender this gen but a current gen games needs to be ONLY current gen.

KingPin1320d ago

they will stop last gen games when the user base for current gen has similar numbers. right now PS3+x360 > ps4+xone.

there will be plenty people who get the game for last gen consoles.

it wont affect current gen development, if it will, the right decision would be to cancel PS3/x360 versions (dying light comes to mind).

so you have fun with your ps4 version and leave us to play the ps3 version for now.

subtenko1320d ago

Ok sure, I can accept that.

GordonKnight1320d ago (Edited 1320d ago )

Sounds like want Tony Hawk to be more like Sunset Overdrive. Shoot projectiles!

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JMaine5181321d ago

I love Tony Hawk games. I hope this can bring back that classic gameplay from the earlier games.

blackout1320d ago

The Skate series is waaaaay better. Mr hawk has a name but Skate crushes and TH games.

Beeker1320d ago

He never mentioned skate, why did you even bring it up? He clearly wants the classic game play from tony hawk just like i do. Maybe, he doesn't like the skate games just like i dont or maybe he likes both. Just thought your OT comment to defend skate was strange

MonkeyOne1321d ago

Oh boy

everything old is new again

Palitera1321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

It would be a great thing, if only devs had a tiny bit of good creativity at least...

DragoonsScaleLegends1321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

It sounds and looks like Pro Skater HD 2 but with new levels. Too bad I was hoping it would be more like Underground 1 and 2 which was the actual best in the series gameplay wise. It seems this game will bring the outdated gameplay from the original pro skaters and pro skater hd. I remember in Underground there was a firefight mode which was pretty fun online but I'm not so sure that shooting projectiles during missions will be that fun. Also I think Underground got the story/mission mix just right. Just doing repetitive missions on every level like all the pro skater games is not that fun.