Playstation's Loss of Exclusivity and Blame

This artcle by Gerry Clarke (aka Yourstrulyinhd) discusses first hand from his opinion who is to blame for Playstation 3's loss of exclusivity with big titles such as Final Fantasy XIII and Devil may Cry 4. And why should Playstation 3 owners/fans even be worried?

Extract from Gerry Clarke's (aka Yourstrulyinhd) article:
I, for one, purchased my Sony PlayStation 3 shortly after its release for $600. Keep in mind that upon release the $600 version of PlayStation was a 60 Gig. An 80 Gig PlayStation was eventually released and the 60 was taken out of production. My PlayStation was not purchased because Sony had exclusive rights to Final Fantasy but because I've always been amazed at Sony's gaming products. I still am. My PlayStation comes in very handy for its extra-gaming uses. Hypothetically speaking, if Square Enix announced after the release of FFXII that the next installment would be an XBOX 360 exclusive I would've still purchased a PS3 for full time usage. It would've sat comfortably next to the 360 that I purchased solely to play FFXIII.

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dro3772d ago

the reason y sony lost loads of exlusvie is because they did not pay to keep it exlusive.

kosha3772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

Although it means that no one likes you microsoft you rich bastards

Bubble Buddy3772d ago

Sony prefers to spend their money in other things such as supporting great First-party developers. I think this is a much wiser way to spend money rather than buying games.

FPS nut3772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

The word's "console war" comes to mind not console "can't we all just get along" Sony could lose the console war one game at a time, or they end up like Nintendo running on the power of their first party titles. IMO I think Sony spent to much time puahing Blu-Ray and trying to copy Live feature for feature, not realizing Microsoft was stealing (or buying) exclusives from them.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

I think in the end it can actually have the opposite effect; does any care about Crash Bandicoot or Spyro anymore? Crash Bandicoot was Sony's mascot at one point now multiplatform. I just hope Final Fantasy doesn't lose its popularity due to the fact it's available everywhere.

I'm not worried because Sony always seems to be forced to create new IP while Microsoft is spending money on exclusive content. I'd rather have a game exclusive than to have exclusive content because the other side can do just the same. With PlayStation Home it has the most ambition for a TV console to date. So with all the delays once release PlayStation Network will be so far ahead of the competition in terms of community.

As a PlayStation 3 owner I'm not worried Sony has the Blu-ray discs for games like Infamous that needs a lot of memory. Eventually games are going to be too ambitious that they're just going to have to come back. If Sony didn't have the strongest console, no Blu-ray, and PlayStation Home I would be worried.

deeznuts3772d ago

Almost every BIG game MS has you can get on another platform. Sony's big games you can't find anywhere. Plain and simple.

MS has halo 3 and ... and ...???????

FPS nut3772d ago

You mean like a PC, where you need Microsoft Windows to run it? BTW Gears, Mass Effect, Fable, Forza, Dead Rising, Splinter Cell, Crackdown, Project Gothem, and Viva Pinata say HI!

If your going to hate... be honest and keep some integrity.

Saigon3772d ago

agree with you, only because it was not in their business model, which in the process of changing. MS needs to focus on first party and develope a first party rather than giving money to 3rd party devs. This is one reason I have this generation so much.

Panthers3772d ago

Sony spent their money where it belongs in a new generation. On new first party games that will actually take advantage of the hardware. Once the PS3 takes over in sales across the world, then expect 3rd party devs to want to be exclusive again.

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deanobi3772d ago

At the moment Microsoft is investing huge amounts into the games industry. Sony on the otherhand isnt on the same level.

And when that happens games will come to Microsoft.

kosha3772d ago

In terms of exclusive quality games Microsoft isnt on the same level as sony

dro3772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

u should have said ms is investing money in 3RD PARTY GAMES THAT HAVE MORE CHANCE OF GOING MULTIPLAT while sony is investing money in FIRST PARTY EXLUSIVE GAMES THAT STAYS EXLUSIVE...we all know that sony has over 20 first party studios making exlusive games for them, ms does not have as much studios as sony because sony has been in the industry longer than them yes sony lost ff13 and it was a shock to the gameing industry but ur also forgeting that gta4 was ment to be exlusive but it went multi plat and it did not hurt sony in any way,but the thing is ms has no problem in throwing out money at game devs and hate it or love it that is a good thing for ms and bad for sony,the more money ms throws at 3rd party devs it will be harder for sony to gain exlusive from 3rd party devs which is a plan ms is doing very well.

tatotiburon3772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

oh kosha should we go to metacritic and check how many games xbox 360 has with 90+ and how many ps3?? exclusive ofcourse....


ps: and please don't come bakc qith that lazy list with games that even come out yet

kosha3772d ago

The 360 might have more exclusives with 90+ at the moment but it has been out a year longer.

solidsnakus3772d ago

kosha, thats a lame excuse and you just owned yourself with that comment. 360 will always have launched a year ahead of ps3 so therefore by your logic will always have better games with 90+. launching a year ahead makes no diffrence at all.

by the 360s second year it had all those 90+ meta games. its about to be ps3s second year and so far it only has mgs4. lbp and resistance 2 are the only possible contenders for being 90+ games within the 2 year mark. mind i remind you resistance 2 graphics were pretty horrible in that e3 demo and R1 got a 86 meta.

agentace3772d ago

yeah and how many of those 90+ games did M$ bribe the reviewers with thousands dollar gift bags "cough" (Gears,halo3)


Bubble Buddy3772d ago

"kosha, thats a lame excuse and you just owned yourself with that comment. 360 will always have launched a year ahead of ps3 so therefore by your logic will always have better games with 90+. launching a year ahead makes no diffrence at all."

Think of PS3 and 360 in a marathon. The 360 started out first and will always be further than PS3 in the beginning, until Sony will eventually catch up in the end and probably exceed Microsoft.

tatotiburon3772d ago

hahahah agentace...keep telling to yourself that...OWNED!!

solidsnakus3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

yea bubble, and with what are they gonna catch up with? ps3 forgot to drink its gatorade and stumbled out badly. with no games in sight how is it suppost to catch up again? im suprised its selling so well with no games. seems like all there going on is on blind ps2 owners, cause the games are defenelty not there.

Bubble Buddy3771d ago

We still on the verge of talking with no games? If what's keeping you happy is AAA games that are rated 90+ then ure pretty sad. Uncharted, Ratchet, and Ninja Gaiden is like 1-3 points off AAA status, so they don't count as games? If anything, Wii is the one with the least great games this gen. What does the 360 have that is so spectacular? I've only liked Gears and Dead Rising. Never liked Halo, and Bioshock is OK. Mass Effect? Only FF and Pokemon were the only RPG's I play. Fable 2 and Splinter Cell(CLONE OF MGS), and Gears 2 are the only games I'm looking forward to. Meanwhile PS3...

Resistance: Fall Of Man
Heavenly Sword
Uncharted: Drake's Fortune
Ratchet And Clank Future: Tools Of Destruction
Metal Gear Solid 4
Ninja Gaiden Sigma
etc etc etc

and what's coming:
Resistance 2
Killzone 2
Little Big Planet
God OF War 3
Final Fantasy Versus
etc etc etc

and the Multi-Platforms:
Call Of Duty 4
Grand Theft Auto 4
Final Fantasy 13
Resident Evil 5
etc etc etc

And u still say there's no games?

kosha3771d ago

You see my friend bubble buddy just owned you all. And thats without having a years headstart

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PimpHandHappy3772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

not one game that has gone multi-platform was a NEW SONY IP and the STONE COLD FACT is Sony is making new IP's like the 360 is making your house burn down

what i mean is

Sony has made alot of new IP's since the luanch of the PS3 system! The 360 has made a couple also so dont get me wrong...Gears of War and Vina Penisata are great but

are just the start of Sony making themselfs new IP's

i bet i missed more then a few NEW IP's Sony has made so please feel free to enlighten the gamers

i didnt read this article

Veryangryxbot3772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

Have people actually wondered how AMBITIOUS HOME is, rather than lay down irrational feelings of hatred.

THERE IS ABSOLUTELY nothing like Home. Home is one of THE most ambitious projects and it must have costs tremendous resources. At the same time, it is something where HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of people will walk around and meet.

People were wowed with MAGs 256. But HOME is to support every PSN account. Thats not an easy thing to do. They didnt got it right back in October 2007. They said they needed more time. Whats wrong with people? GIVE THESE BRILLIANT AND INNOVATIVE FOLK more time!

Its not like you have nothing else to do in the meantime. And honestly, people backlash this so much, I mean whats the alternative? What are the competitors bringing? Frikkin miis and a new dashboard?

Get the fk out pls.

As for FF13, yes, that was a betrayal. People need to accept the idea that SE is not just a business. It has become EA of the East.

Announcing Ff13 for the 360 can be done in several ways:
1) After FF13s release for the PS3;
2) As a big announcement on an party by SE
3) On a big games convention show by SE;
4) Through a press release or
5) At the enemy's hall of victory with a big smile while all the spotlights are on them.

The game was announced using option 5. They are close with MS now. We need to accept these facts and be realistic about this. Chances are that KH3 is a multi platform game now. As for FF7 remake, dont count on it as Sony has partial rights to it.

Honestly SE can stab us in the back and get away with it, simply because WE, as FANS of FF, LET THEM get away with this. They are laughing all the way to the bank.

Thats why I wont. I will no longer support FF and FF versus will be truly the FINAL fantasy for me. After that, it will just be like I have outgrown the series. Its not like the end of the world or anything. I suggest some of you do the same.

Kleptic3772d ago

Technically, Warhawk is not a new IP...there was a single player only PS1 launch game by that name...and it was what the multiplayer awesomeness that is Warhawk (PS3) is based off of...Same devs actually made it too...

but I see where you are coming from...

Pain3772d ago

Q. Playstation's Loss of Exclusivity and Blame?
A. M$ Money

cant spin that any-other way kids.

but u will try and thats sad.

deanobi3772d ago

time crisis i feel is a game and a half!

Hueco Muendo Leader3772d ago

guarantee a game like ff13 that runs cgi in realtime wont work on 360, and it wont

Bucky Sligo3772d ago

Hows the PS3 version going to work then since it can't even display GTA4 in HD?