First The Witcher 3 Screens Showing NVIDIA HairWorks & HBAO+

Here's a look at the very first The Witcher 3 screens showcasing NVIDIA HairWorks and HBAO+ effects.

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ArchangelMike1321d ago

Yeah it's great and all, but seriously - to show of Nvidia HairWorks you need video not screenshots!

Anyway, it would be good to have a comparison between Nvidia HairWorks -On- and -off-.

FreakOrama1321d ago

From what a Youtuber said about that feature, it's really power hungry and you'll lose a lot of FPS if you turn it on, but damn is it good looking =3

Alexious1321d ago

It is, though I still think that TressFX is better, at least comparing Geralt's hair with Lara's.

FreakOrama1321d ago

Agree, but I think this is just right, Lara's hairy with TressFX felt to shiny for the conditions and area she's in you know?

This looks just about right =)

Smok911321d ago

Confirmed that was before optimization though. That's why it wasn't available for use during demo.

abstractel1321d ago

Apples and oranges. You can't compare two different devs approaches to implementing TressFX. So you can't compare Tomb Raider's TressFX PS4/XB1 to Witchers TressFX XB1, and therefore you can't compare Witcher's console TressFX to Witcher PC's Hairworks.

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Imp0ssibl31321d ago

I bet we'll have plenty of such comparisons soon

starchild1321d ago

Geralt's hair is relatively short, so the difference won't be as readily apparent there, but the monsters and animals look very impressive with hairworks vs without.

HBAO+ will be really nice too. It has really enhanced the appearance of previous games I've used it in and I expect it will make a pretty big difference in this game as well.

T9001321d ago

Agreed. Cant wait to play w3 maxed out.

AndrewLB1321d ago

You want to see Geralt's hair in all of it's albino glory?

Then feast your eyes on this: (~40 second mark)

Following the Geralt clip they show the bear as well. It's ploughing incredible!

Speaking of ploughing... i wonder what wonderful surprises are in store for Geralts libido this adventure?

It's going to be tough for CDPR to top Geralt ploughing a succubus like he did in Witcher 2. I was laughing the whole time!

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ccgr1321d ago

I still have an ATI card :(

Imp0ssibl31321d ago

This is the time to fix that, buy 980/970 and get The Witcher 3 and Batman Arkham Knight for free!

kingeliran1321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

Geforce GTX 770 i think i can run this game on high at least. I mean GTA V runing smooth on max

Cant remember when AAA game didnt run smoothly on my card also i think they have a deal with nividia to post minimum and recommanded cards for the game as nividia says so to improve cards sell. And thinking about it i can buy a ps4 instead of a new overpowered card. Its about the same price but im a pc gamer.

TedCruzsTaint1321d ago

And yet the only code available is just PS4 development kit release . . .

I need this game in my hands, now.

Alexious1321d ago

Yeah, that's very odd indeed.