Looking ahead from E3: How will Sony, MS, and Nintendo fare over the next year?

Although this year's been a fairly dull E3 all things considered, Gaming Verdict's Editor Matt Lees has been taking the time out to read between the lines in terms of how well the three big hitters are likely to fare over the next year.

From GV:

"All in all though, despite the presentations being terminally dull the messages sent out by the big three were fairly positive, if a little predictable. Nintendo have no plans to stop riding their casual gravy train, Sony are dropping prices, and Microsoft are continuing to gain ground with their publisher relations."

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dachiefsman3774d ago

good assessment. pretty much on par with my opinions.

Jam_sponge3774d ago

Thanks very much man. :)

PSWe603774d ago

If the first half of the year is any indication,
The Wii will continue to sell, the 3rd60 sales will continue to slow and the PS3's sales will continue to grow.


If the first half of the year is any indication,
The Wii will continue to sell, the 360 will continue to have the best games and the PS3rd will flounder.

boyo3774d ago

LOL, it's true- casuals really are going to be calling the 1:1 add-on the 'Wii 2'!

Awesome predictions!

jeffaustin903774d ago

I agree, very well defined predictions, and there wasn't a lot of "OMG ___ is going to dominate the next year!" It seems like they're all branching off in different directions, which I think is what has to happen in this console war. They can all be successful if they each find their own niche.

I also agree that Nintendo doesn't really NEED 3rd party support, because their 1st party games sell so well. Nintendo's biggest problem they NEED to focus on is the production of the Wiis themselves. They gotta pump more of those puppies out, SOMEHOW.

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