Half Life Logo In Source Code of Teaser Site

As the Black Mesa Site now shows a video teaser the source code shows this could certainly be a Half Life game.

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TheGavofWar1295d ago

Hard to say anything for sure in this industry but a great find indeed

Hold_It1295d ago

Half Life 3 confirmed.

thekhurg1295d ago

5 / 5 / 2015

5*5*20/15 = 33.33333

Half Life 3 confirmed again.

rosscoffx1295d ago

Hahaha! Awesome.

I added in some details from Steam too but even the Steam page is very vague. Crowbar Collective as the developers is a bit cheeky if you ask me.

Timesplitter141295d ago (Edited 1295d ago )


half life 3 confirmed

Thefreeman0121295d ago

I grantee it's going to be the full version off black mesa. Xen has been missing for a while. No way in hell valve had been keeping a secret with these guys about HL3

AndrewLB1295d ago

I wouldn't be so sure about that. Back when they released "the orange box" (Episode:1 + Portal + etc), Valve hadn't previewed or even mentioned they were working on the episodes or portal...
I think the first rumor popped up less than a month before it hit store shelves. They're really good at keeping their mouths shut. And they're even better at driving people absolutely f**king nuts with the damn HL3 t-shirts and other less conspicuous things that lots of people claim are just the product of people's imagination because they want the game, but there have been so many of them over the years that it's out of the possibility of coincidence.

Remember in Portal the references to the TV show LOST? If you missed it, there were a series of numbers on randomly hidden computer monitors just like in the show. Well the writers for LOST did the same kind of subliminal stuff referencing half-life, particularly the G-Man. It's all a brilliant mind-f**k that you have to really pay attention to notice.

Thefreeman0121295d ago

I just don't see the two being connected. Black Mesa is not being produced by valve, so why would valve be secretly working behind closed doors with them to tease HL3. Especially after all the things Gaben has said about not really having much Interest in HL3 or "all the things they've learned about shipping a product like portal 2."

Trust me I want the game as bad as the next guy but Im not sure it will happen for a long time if at all.

scark921295d ago

I hope it is Half-Life 3, I love the games!


Indo1295d ago

I like to think someday, in the distant future, Half-Life 3 will be announced and probably even released. Ahhh someday.

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