The Witcher 3 on PS4 | The truth about speed run

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Dark and brutal world of The Witcher sets new standards of narrative, non linearity and open exploration. How much time does it take to see the end credits? To find out, we went to the creators of the game! Watch the first material of our series related to The Witcher 3 on PS4!

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DarkOcelet1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

If thats really PS4 footage then it looks damn good. Concerns are gone!

And its really funny that people are upset that a 200 hour game like Witcher 3 can be spedrun in 25 hours lol.

I finished Fallout 3 in 2 hours and Fallout New Vegas in 48 minutes and both of them were 300 hours games.

Some people dont really understand the concept of speedrun.

Am i the only one who find it funny that we seen a glimpse of the PS4 final build and we have yet to see the Xone footage final build since it was adverstised towards it?

Genuine-User1316d ago

It is, and it looks really good. Hoping to see some direct feed footage this week.

Griever1316d ago

It really is! You can see the PS4 next to the TV! :D

GameNameFame1316d ago

All that in full HD.

Perfect! Always hate seeing less than Full HD on my TV.

Mr Pumblechook1315d ago

It's looking mighty tasty... so is Kinga!

The speedrun is just for testing, but it gives context that it takes 25 hours when you know exactly what to do to complete just the main quest.

But why on Earth would you buy an RPG just to speed run it? These games are not for achievement/trophy hunters. Surely the whole point of games like this and Skyrim is that you go at your own pace and explore and to enjoy it!

Bansai1315d ago

There's also different pure gameplay without commentary but noone wants to approve it:

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F0XHOUND1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

Damn fallout 3 was so awesome. We've yet to even get slightly close to a game that good this gen. Literally the fact that you leave the vault, and this epic world is absolutely open to you .. be it 2 hours rushed or hundreds exploring.... that and oblivion last gen will be hard to beat tbh.... having said that, the next fallout or TES will be huge!

The witcher 3 on PS4 looks like it will continue the trend of best performance on consoles.... as you say, why not show xone footage yet? That 1080p vs 900p argument is likely one reason.... best to leave that for after release! But that doesn't matter, this games about the story, lore and general feel to the game... all platforms will be epic.


They did show Xbox One footage... like a month ago lol. I believe at PAX east the only demo you could play on the show floor was the X1 version.

Looks great on PS4, I think with how good the X1 version looked in March, a PS4 owner should def not be worried!

zidane13411315d ago

LOL Xbox one owner here, I think I can speak for most of us when we say that a slightly lower resolution wouldnt make us enjoy this game any less so that's silly.

Kal-V31316d ago

Must see direct feed but looks like PC version just running at 30fps. Sounds good to me!

Live_Larry1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

I find it funny you feel the need to discuss the x1 version when the topic of the article is the length of the game vs the time it takes to complete a speed run... Are you that insecure about your console?

/e 4 reply:
Truth: I own an x1, and I am definitely concerned about not having seen any footage, especially after the whole "wrong footage" fiasco a few weeks back.

I'm just getting tired of seeing anti-x1 posts everywhere I turn on this website, and was hoping this article that has nothing to do with console wars would not contain anything related to that.

That whole insecure part of my comment was my (flawed) way of speaking out about that.

I actually totally agree with everything about your comment.

DarkOcelet1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

I just find it weird they didnt show it yet since its advertised towards it and they show PS4 footage.

How the hell does that mean i am insecure about my console and its just a console, how can someone be so insecure about a piece of metal lol?

Edit: Maybe i shouldnt have said anything about Xone, i was just curious. I didnt mean any harm.

Guess we both made a flawed part in our comemnts hehe.

Ah well its all good my friend :)

CaptainObvious8781316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

I find it funny you need to claim DarkOcelet is insecure when he's making a perfectly valid observation, especially when MS has the advertising rights. Are YOU that insecure about your console?

This is a gaming site, so people are going to talk about gaming and that means all aspects of gaming. It's possible, as DarkOcelet has shown, that er can discuss both consoles without descending into fanboy console war rants.

I'm sure the xbone version runs and looks great, CD Project are just advertising their game and that means showing the best versions.

Kingdomcome2471316d ago

I may be mistaken, but I thought that E3 2014 was Xone footage? I agree about the speedrun comment. 25 hours is blowing through the story without ever veering from the main quest line. What is there to complain about?

DarkOcelet1316d ago

Yes, it was but the framerate was unstable and went to 18fps in many locations.

So i am curious to see the final build after that E3 video.

Magicite1316d ago

I did AC4 100% in 25hours, so for speedrun thats amazing time.

sigfredod1316d ago

And seems tommorrow they promise gameplay on their YT channel
and damn that hostess is hot!!!

b_one1315d ago

she is also full of plastic, she barely know what she is doing

ScaryMonkey1316d ago

Its PS4 I never had any concerns, the only people making concerns dont own PS4.

TOTSUKO1315d ago

You guys are all talking about the graphics.

Im here thinking how hot that chick was!

If all Polish gamer chicks look like her Im moving to f***ing Poland!

poor_cus_of_games1315d ago

No need for me to move. Loads of them here in northern Ireland.

Seafort1315d ago

Well you didn't fully complete the games you just did the story quests and that was it.

In open world RPGs like Witcher 3 the main story quest is only part of the game.

For me it's about exploring, doing side quests, collecting resources to improve my character via crafting and just going out there to see what I find :)

Speed runs are completely pointless in non-linear games like these.

DarkOcelet1315d ago

Well, after finishing Fallout 3 over five time and Fallout New Vegas over 3 times. I decided to do a speed run and believe me, i did take my time with both of them.

Over 1200 hours was lost in both games.

UKmilitia1315d ago

was that screen mega widescreen?looked really narrow and wide .

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Hellsvacancy1316d ago

So was that all PS4 footage?

Christopher1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

*wrong reply*

Genuine-User1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

*partially correct reply*

Christopher1316d ago

All of the off screen stuff was on PS4. The other stuff not of them playing on the TV is from PC.

Genuine-User1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

That is correct. The direct feed is from the trailer.

Eonjay1316d ago

Some of the direct feed had circle and 'x' buttons in the shot. How did you verify it was PC out of curiosity?

Christopher1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

@Eonjay: That was actually off screen as well, just very well hidden. It is my understanding, and I can't say how I understand this, that direct feed PS4 stuff is not allowed for gameplay at this time.

The other parts are from the trailers we've seen so far that were put together on PC. That's how I know.

ArchangelMike1316d ago

Speed running just the main quest takes 25 hrs. Just the main quest... 25hrs... at speed run. Mind=blown!

Who the hell buys a game to speed run it anyway. I'll be soaking up every minute of this game, taking my time, seeing the sights, doing side quests, monster hunting, grinding for epic loot etc etc.

This game wil probably take me more than 200hrs to complete, and I'll be loving every minute of it :)

Kevlar0091316d ago

Most (practically all) speedrunners love the game they run, have beaten it many times, and want other challenges or ways to enjoy it. If you're going to spend a year or more running a game you want it to be a game you like to play and find fresh every time you play it.

sssb1316d ago

Same here, I don't wanna speedrun for game I have been waiting for long time.

sigfredod1316d ago

Sony Poland have the hottest hostess confirmed?

pecorre1316d ago

I'll start to follow this channel even if I don't understand anything :P

sevilha821316d ago

Just turn on the subtitles in the bottom right corner....eye candy and NOW you understand them =) no thanks necessary.


PS:She´s really HOT.

nucky641316d ago

oh, fu#k is she hot. I'm stoked about witcher3 but after watching that vid all I remember is her hotness on that couch

Greyfoxdbz1316d ago

Don't think she is a hostess but someone involved in the game. Ciri maybe? at the end of the vid you can see her in motion capture gear.

thekhurg1316d ago

She's with Sony.

Kinga Kujawska

jobboy1316d ago

wow excited for real ps4 footage!! finally!! (i have it preordered for a cheap price and i was a bit concerned by no console footage)...but if i should be honest...i am far more excited for that girl..she's amazing :))

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