Batman: Arkham Knight PC price drops to $24 / £15.95

Dealspwn: If you're after the standard edition of Batman: Arkham Knight (also includes Harley Quinn DLC), it's only $24 / £15.95 on PC today. Hell, you can even get the deluxe version with the Season Pass for just $36 / £23.74. Permission to feel smug PC gamers.

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Blues Cowboy1321d ago

Well who's chiselling who know, ridiculous season pass? Go on then.

Xristo1320d ago

I won't lie... that's a pretty damn good deal. After a 5% discount code, it came out to $33.96 for the game + Season Pass. Gotta love PC gaming!

I told myself that I would not buy Season Passes anymore but this was too cheap to pass up!

Toiletsteak1320d ago

People always moan that PC's cost too much but when you can get games for a lot cheaper it sort of balance itself out.

Psychotica1320d ago

I certainly prefer my PC over my consoles but the one advantage consoles have is the ability to trade in the games.

SuperBlur1320d ago

Just a headsup , its not an official retailer and your key could be revoked at any moment

hiredhelp1320d ago

Theres always a Risk AKA farcry 4 but heres the thing ive spent alot on CDkeys non got revolked when they do on a RARE case its down to Publishers being greedy tryin say keys been stolen when really they want you Buy tye game again.
Again very RARE plus most of these sites will have protection at a small cost offer a refund or replacement.

Haki11121320d ago

Revoke then crack will be downloaded lol

Volkama1320d ago

I've had a 'grey market' key revoked once. It was The Stick of Truth steam key from a 3rd party seller on G2A.

I bought it for £8 and finished it. A couple of months later Steam revoked the key. A few days after that I got a full refund from G2A (without requesting one).

3rd party key sellers are great. The sooner MS and Sony open up their digital marketplaces, the better.

ginsunuva1320d ago

Could, but low chances.

I bought from here twice before.

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Kalebninja1320d ago (Edited 1320d ago )

Fukin sick, just bought The premium edition for less than the price of the season pass. And Jesus they have mk x for just $15 how is that even possible...

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The story is too old to be commented.