Killing Floor 2 Targeting 1080p/60fps On PS4, Xbox One Version Is 'Highly Probable'

Tripwire Interactive's Alan Wilson has some good news for Xbox One players.

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TheGreatGamer1259d ago

This looks like a fun left 4 dead alternative on next gen. Also good that it's most likely coming to both consoles, albeit X1 at a later point

Spinal1258d ago

It's nothing like Left 4 dead to be honest mate. It's just a horde mode. Left 4 dead had a co op story campaign. If you want a alternative to Left 4 dead I highly recommend Dying Light.

I'm still playing it with one of my friends it's an incredible game. It took away my hunger for left 4 dead 3 to come.

KeeseToast1258d ago

It sucks that Dying Light is banned in Germany, makes it more expensive and importing is just more annoying.

TheGreatGamer1258d ago

I merely meant the 4 player co op element but I see where you're coming from. This game still looks extremely fun, not sure why my first comment garnered such negativity but I still understand your point

MrBigShot0071259d ago

That's good to hear it's coming to more consoles. I don't like to play waiting games so I'll get it for the PS4 if it's worth it when it's launced but great that Xbox owners can get their hands on it down the road.

harrisk9541259d ago

And the reason it is not coming to the XB1 right now (as is typical this generation):

He also revealed that a Xbox One version will probably come along sometime in the future. “Oh, it most likely will. Just that Sony were far easier to work with, had been on the ball for a long time, helping us along. And Microsoft didn’t. So it goes to PS4 first (and exclusively).

jrshankill1258d ago Show
TheLeapist1258d ago

He took a quote from the developer. So no, he wouldn't be like that. Why are you so aggressive and angry?

slappy5081259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

I'm playing this on steam early access. It's fekken addictive, hopefully console players get a decent optimised port so they can join in the mayhem!

KyRo1259d ago

Why can't all PC gamers be as humble as you!

1nsomniac1259d ago

Stop trying to create unnecessary drama.

Unreal011259d ago

KyRo has a point though.

Benjammin251258d ago

The kind of PC gamers who constantly belittle everyone who isn't playing on a high end PC with 2 GTX 980's are the kind of people no one wants to know anyway. You're one of the good ones slappy508.

snoopgg1258d ago

1nsomniac your the one causing drama. That was a compliment not a drama causing statement like yours.

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IrishSt0ner1258d ago

Killing floor 2 addictive as hell, an all round awesome game. I've been playing with a friend every night since release. Console players are in for a treat here.

ScorpiusX1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

Till the Xbox one version good luck guys ......

kurruptor1259d ago

Another dev takes a shot at MS. They just keep adding up.

Transistor1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

Them saying the game is highly probable for Xbox One is taking a shot at Xbox?

What it must be like in your world.

kurruptor1259d ago

You must have skimmed over the part where he said Sony was far easier to work with. Sony was helping them for a long time. Then he said Microsoft didn't do those things.

That is why they decided to release exclusively on PS4.

TWB1259d ago

I feel highly embarassed with my potato finger that slammed both, Agree and Disagree buttons at the same time with the outcome being Disagree ._.

Bubble vote added to compensate

Transistor1259d ago

Oh, that.

Most developers feel that way because it's true, get over it.

It's part of the reason there is 107 digital games on the PS4 and 29 on the Xbox One currently.

You're angry with the wrong people.

someOnecalled1258d ago (Edited 1258d ago )

Exclusively what that mean ? Did they change the meaning in recent yrs. It seems Sony is more proactive with PC games to get them ported to ps4.

Even tho I don't care for ms as a company too much. Its kinda of weird that a company that in the business of making games is complaining that another company is not making sure the do their job. Not saying that to be rule but it could maybe be taken out of context by interviewers. But just being one company is bending backwards for you and the other is worried about other things doesn't give you the reason to talk like they should be kissing your @$$.

Every Dev that state stuff like this always come off like this. We are exclusive but not technically exclusive because Sony was proactive and the helped us. Which is good I understand but what's the point and going multiplatform in the first place. Releasing at the same time well generate more buzz. I love their games but some of these devs should never fall for this trap it makes them look incompetent. So what would happen if Sony didn't help either would we see a console release or would u suck it up and roll up you sleeves

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MasterCornholio1259d ago

Well Sony did help them out like many other devs. So its normal that they complain about the ones that dont. Nothing wrong with doing that.

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