PixelJunk Eden release date is July 31, 2008

Sony has announced the next PlayStation Network exclusive game PixelJunk Eden has been given a release date on July 31, 2008. The puzzle game will be available in America, Europe and Japan on that day.

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Mc Fadge3716d ago

I can't wait to buy this baby! :D

wolfehound223716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

Yes if you remember the video showing of the trophies before they released the 2.4 patch. This was one of the games they already had trophies for. Plus I believe it was on there list of games that would support trophies.

name3716d ago

Holy crap. Now I don't know if I should buy the MGO expansion or not..

PirateThom3716d ago

I eventually managed to buy it, but because Konami insist on using their own site, it took about 6 hours.

wolfehound223716d ago

This game looks very interesting not really sure what it's all about. But if it's as addicting as Pixel Junk monster I'll definitely pick it up. Plus it supports trophies so it's a definite purchase for me.

SilPho3716d ago

Hooray, Europe isn't getting screwed with this one.

First trophy here I come.