Project CARS 2 Will Be Crowdfunded Like Project CARS, With Slightly Different Terms

Presumably, these are all terms that comply with UK’s financial investment regulations.

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JAM_brz1324d ago

Game that will have its release date scheduled for 2020 but will be postponed to 2022.

Just kidding, but I could not help myself.

rdgneoz31324d ago

The sad part is the Nintendo version will be announced before other console versions, then come out in 2023...

curtis921324d ago

What would we be funding? A larger dev team so we won't have to wait years and years for a racing sim with less than 1/4 of the cars of forza? I mean Driveclub, an arcade racer, has more cars (and more detailed cars) than this racing sim that's taken even longer to develop.

Psychotica1324d ago

I don't think you can compare the amount of cars an arcade game has to one that a simulator has. Generally speaking a simulator goes more in-depth. I can fly planes in GTA V but it's certainly not as detailed as Microsoft Flight Simulator for example.

kraenk121323d ago

This is a racing sim not a car show.

herbs1323d ago

Really stupid comparisons amateur gamers consistently make between DriveClub and Project Cars and it happens on literally ever single Project Cars article. So many of you Sony amateurs spend so much time on gaming media yet you can't even grasp the basics.

ScorpiusX1324d ago

Am getting my copy .

Isn't it a bit to early to even consider seeing how they have no Clue if the first will be a hit . Seem like a waste of resources.

Maul_T_Pass1324d ago

Remember when game studios paid for the development of their own games? Pepperidge farm remembers...

Tonykid1323d ago

Those were the good old days.

BG115791324d ago

I find this to be quite a game changer.

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