New Star Wars: Battlecry Gameplay Teaser Trailer & Screenshots Released

The team of passionate developers and fans behind Star Wars: Battlecry just released their first gameplayer teaser trailer for the game, and it's looking great. Along side the teaser comes new screenshots.

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The_Sage1316d ago

Looks like they have a long way to go. It reminds me of a Quake mod.

Dlacy13g1316d ago

I was just going to say the same thing. I think that looks ok but far from good. not sure why they would release that because to me it's not something that would get me excited for what they're doing.

Crazyglues1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

I hope people know -THIS IS NOT OFFICIAL- this is some fan made trailer...

Since no one reads the description of the YouTube video's anymore, here it is-

"This is a fan game for fans by fans. We are not affiliated with Star Wars or Lucas Arts. This project is non profit and just for fun."

-For a project that was just for fun by fans, it looks pretty good..

boodi1316d ago

people don't know . worse that n4g let this publish .

brokenbracket1316d ago

24hr shifts are needed, foodlion has great specials on coffee

Link2DaFutcha1316d ago


Looks neat, keep up the good work!

mixelon1316d ago

Not a wise move with the oncoming media onslaught of starwars stuff?

Someone gonna get a C&D. :/

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The story is too old to be commented.