TalkingAboutGames E3 2008: Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe hands-on

TalkingAboutGames writes: "I'll admit, when I was approaching my meeting with Midway today, I was dreading seeing, let alone having to play the new Mortal Kombat. Not only was it effectively branded a failure non- traditional MK game back when it was announced…who wants to play a toned down installment of a long-running series just because of new character licenses? Really?

I sat down at my designated demo booth and was given the PR spiel on the title, including why exactly they chose to go with a line of comics characters as the opposing force in the 8th game in the series, and how it'll appeal to a "broader range of players,"…something that hardcore MK fans are quite disgusted with, or so I'm told. Then I was handed the controller."

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