Free Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC and patch released

Dragon Age: Inquisition has been patched and there are also two free lumps of downloadable content available today.

The free downloadable content is The Black Emporium (single-player) and Dragonslayer (multiplayer).

The Black Emporium is a bit of a cheat shop - a place accessible from the War Table where you can buy really powerful items, new schematics, and even alter your face.

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caseh1291d ago

Woop I've been waiting for this, can finally change my characters appearance from queen of the drag to something more aesthetically pleasing.

cleft51291d ago

I am glad I didnt sale off my copy of DA:I, it really was a great game. Time to boot it back up and have another go at it.

MilkMan1291d ago

Black Emporium time!
Wait, whatever happened to that PC only SP DLC?

rezzah1291d ago

The Black Emporium doesn't sound like something worth going back to play for. However it should be useful for the next paid story DLC.

Chaos_Raiden1291d ago

Thanks for the share. Free DLCs are good.

goku1291d ago

Nothing on the UK store yet, I am guessing the DLC will drop tomorrow with the store update.

caseh1291d ago

Has the patch dropped yet? I'm hoping it will be downloading when I get home this afternoon.

goku1291d ago

The patch dropped yesterday, still no sign of the DLC, unless u am wrong and the patch already contains the DLC, since it was a 2.8gb patch.

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