BUILD 2015: The Final DirectX 12 Reveal

The DirectX 12 API is finalized and the last of its features are known.

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lifeisgamesok1321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

The linked GPU feature is very interesting allowing two gpu's to share resources and work closer together

Microsoft said there will be games coming out this fall that use Directx 12 will it be Halo 5, Forza 6, and Rise of the Tomb Raider maybe and I wonder which features will be used for these games

E3 hurry up

poppinslops1321d ago

It's next month, right?
I'm suprised we aren't already drowning in 'Top 10 E3 prediction' articles... it actually looks to be the best E3 in years.

Forza and Halo have been hinting at DX12, which makes sense when you consider Spencer's statements about bringing more 1st party games to PC... there have been whispers about Rise of the Tomb Raider getting the treatment, but I'm not so sure - Square Enix aren't working on a PC version and I'm pretty sure the Xbox 360 isn't getting DX12.

'Fall of the Tomb Raider' (or whatever they call it) will almost certainly support DX12, but I have my doubts that 'Rise...' will... S'all good - Eidos' Glacier Engine (Tomb Raider, Hitman: Absolution) is already georgeous.


Weren't people swearing up and down that DX12 would do NOTHING for the xb1?? Funny times huh?

Priestwithgun1320d ago

You forgot ashes of singularities!!!!

Its the first game on PC to support dx12

poppinslops1320d ago

Oh yeah... I'm not a big RTS fan (X-Com's about as tactical as I get), but 'Ashes...' is impressive - from a technical perspective.

You'd expect it to run at 11fps, considering the sheer scale of the battles... but it runs great, despite all of the explosions, particle-effects and on-screen armies.

That said, I've only seen phone-cam footage (from GDC, I think)... not sure if there are any proper videos.

Volkama1320d ago

Mutli-GPU is certainly interesting. I have 3 AMD cards in my PC, and a forth one sitting around that I'll make space for if it works. AMD kind of suck at providing crossfire profiles in good time, so even if the only benefit is that devs deliver games with working multi-GPU functionality it'll make a big difference to me. If it allows the memory pools to be accessed individually then that's a hell of a bonus!

Those XBox games you mention are all interesting in their own right, with or without DirectX 12.

Outthink_The_Room1320d ago

Fable Legends is using a port-up version of DX12. They're somewhat "brute forcing" DX12 into UE4. At GDC in March, Epic was porting DX11 code to DX12 live at the show for Unreal Licensees. I believe Fable took a similar approach, but obviously a little more refined than simply throwing bundles together.

I'm curious if Quantum Break, Scalebound and Crackdown are DX12. It seems that MS wouldn't want any First Party or any exclusive game running without it. Especially if they port over to PC like they did with Dead Rising, D4 and Ryse.

I think the DX12 adoption is going to be very fast this time around. In the past, Windows was always a paid upgrade, so it slowed down the adoption of the OS itself, which meant developers were reluctant to integrate newer tools and technology.

This time around though, Windows is free, which means there are going to be hundreds of millions of devices with Windows 10, literally overnight. Also, companies are going to have to learn DX12 simply because Windows 10 is the only OS to support DX12.

I really don't understand why MS is keeping all these games so close to the vest. We have not seen a single screenshot of anything DX12 related for gaming, aside from Fable. I don't know, just seems weird that even 3rd Party refuses to show stuff releasing later this year.

Volkama1320d ago (Edited 1320d ago )

Side note, Microsoft didn't port Dead Rising 3 or Ryse to PC. In both cases they were ported and published independently of MS, and MS gained nothing from it. I don't know the details for D4, but I expect it will be self-published directly onto Steam with no retail release.

Every deal is different and Microsoft would probably like to own and control the IPs when possible, but each of those examples they just published with a period of exclusivity. They allowed the dev to own the IP and do whatever they want with it. Which is a good thing.

We'll see how they approach real first party games soon enough I guess.

poppinslops1320d ago


We've had months of rumour and speculation (and mis-infomation, courtesy of GameNameFame) with the occasional detail (cross-play, faster ports etc) - which is a great way to generate buzz, but does nothing for our patience... now that they've 'finalized' DX12s features, the only thing left is to show us.

Microsoft will want as many people as possible watching when they reveal these games... I'm guessing they will be featured during the Windows 10 portion of their E3 conference.

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no_more_heroes1321d ago

I have no idea what I just read. :)

NoctisPendragon1321d ago

Can't wait to see the final version of The Witch tech demo .

poppinslops1320d ago

Mmmm... Square Enix sure know how to build 'em pretty.
Her hair, her lips, her eyes, the way her tears and sweat reflect light, the way feathers react to her movements... it's very cool.

I wonder if it'll be a game... I can't decide whether 'chapter 0' is hinting at more or not.

NoctisPendragon1320d ago

It is clearly a link to something else , that and the teaser of her special ability ( when she turns gold or something ).

We get more information and maybe a new footage (more developed i suposse) the 26 may , looking forward to it.

poppinslops1320d ago

26th... is that for Microsoft's Japan conference?

If it is a game, it could end up being Square Enix' first PC exclusive... might even be the next 'Crysis' that forces elitists to upgrade to something resembling that 4xTitanX rig from the demo.

That said, Square Enix have been stangely finicky about sales... A $5000 game isn't gonna do 'em any favours.

dcbronco1320d ago

Wanting to see something more done with a tech demo is a dangerous thing. That happens over and over and usually ends up blowing up. I think the Last Guardian is an example of this. I don't believe it was ever meant to be a game. But people went wild and game companies can be stupid so here we are years later waiting for bits of information. It's a great demo. Let's leave it at that and let it grow without a hype train forcing anyone's hand.

jhoward5851320d ago (Edited 1320d ago )

Sounds like Dx12 is going to be a hit. This part got me excited the most....

From the article:

They(dual GPU setup) do not even need to be similar in performance. One possible application is for integrated GPUs to draw a layer of objects, such as a cockpit or a 3D HUD, over what the main graphics card draws.

That's freaking cool because theoretically is now possible to have two CPU sending draw calls to one GPU(or two).

I know I know there is no such thing as a dual CPUs but in the future that might be possible.

MarkusMcNugen1320d ago

There most certainly are! They just arent used in non-server PCs typically because it's a lot more cost effective to have one cpu with multiple cores, not to mention a lot less expensive.