Should Black Ops III Be Scared Of Star Wars: Battlefront?

While it's certain that Battlefront won't outsell Black Ops III, the real question is whether or not FPS fans are starting to pull away from CoD. Are they?

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SpaceRanger1321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

Yes it should. Along with every other FPS/TPS shooter coming out around the release of Battlefront and the new Star Wars Movie.

Need an explanation to why?
Most people know these big name shooters since they milk their franchises, especially the yearly ones. But everything this holiday will revolve around Star Wars. It's historically happened every single release of their movie. Toys and game sales sky rocket and other movies/games get muffled in the background. That's not to say that other shooters won't be good, or that Star Wars will have the best experience. But it's pretty much common sense to know that the hype of Star Wars will drive this game before it even launches. Especially considering that not everyone can afford to buy multiple games as often as most core gamers, I'd expect a lot of adults to gravitate toward just seeing the name Star Wars Battlefront when buying a game for their kids. Rather than others releasing around the same time.

I remember the line for the movies circling around the theatre several times for the midnight release. Remember the lines for call of duty? They're no where where they used to be. With GameStop, Disney and Playstation marketing this, I'm sure there's gonna be a lot of midnight events around the world at the launch of the game. It's all basic marketing at its finest.

I'm sure it's easy to tell that I'm strategically optimistic about the game, no blind optimism here. If it doesn't happen. Well then I'll happily eat my words and still enjoy Battlefront(:

DarkOcelet1321d ago

It shouldnt really. Black Ops 3 has a campaign and Zombies mode so thats really a huge plus over BF3.

BF3 doesnt even have Space Battles and it doesnt have a proper campaign so thats a huge negative for both old school Battlefront fans and gamers in general.

SpaceRanger1321d ago

The original battlefront literally had missions similar to what's been announced and had several maps to choose from. Which was great. While I am disappointed about space battles, this battlefront obviously isn't a sequel to the second game. It's definitely an echo of the original Battlefront.

And I'll be honest, I am looking forward to COD zombies. I predict that they'll eventually have a game focused on that in the coming years.

nicksetzer11321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

Honestly, I am extremely skeptical about battlefront 3. That aside though, I feel like battlefront and COD are different enough that I don't think they will really be directly competing. In this case I would say that is lucky news for battlefront as COD will likely have a massive advantage in terms of content on disc.

Honestly the biggest similarity will likely be that they will both overcharge for DLC maps.

SolidStoner1321d ago

zombies is what I hate about COD.. single player is even worse.. online died in COD MW2... why would someone even think that COD is even near Battlefield or battlefront.. COD is like old school 6 vs 6 camper based players, with ultra small maps! search and destroy hardcore is only thing that still deserves some time..

Peace_Love_and_FPS1320d ago (Edited 1320d ago )

@solidstoner why? because maybe in their mind they like zombies, campaign and the pick up and play mindset. I'm pretty split between the two, but CoDs been looking better than battlefront in terms of features (40 v 40 in a battlefront game isn't battlefront).

Zombies is actually the #1 reason I'm interested, but battlefield 4 really got be into that franchise as well. As nicksetzer feels, I too and skeptical though, but of both. Campaign doesn't interest me in battlefront but human augmentation seems interesting enough, online they're apples and oranges, different play styles.

Honestly though if it were MW2 remake by infinity ward I would laugh, tell them its the worst game in the franchise next to ghosts (or that garbage they call a sequel, MW3) and tell them to shoot a noob tube at their own feet :D but, just my opinion.

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Back-to-Back1321d ago

This article answered its own question.

"While it's certain that Battlefront won't outsell Black Ops III"

If they dont outsell BO3, what does BO3 have to fear?

3-4-51321d ago

* Ever FPS has it's own Fan base and it will always be that way.

Peace_Love_and_FPS1320d ago

There is the swing base too, I know more people on the fence about which they will buy than not, and I only know a few people who are either buying one with certainty, skeptical or both (me) or buying both.

I wouldn't know sales, but a good friend of mine said BF has been chipping away at CoDs huge sales for a while now, but in guessing hard line set them back a bit.

3-4-51320d ago

* Well Battlfront has the advantage in that it will get NON-FPS fans to play this game.

There are plenty of Star Wars fans who game but don't play FPS games, that will try this out because it contains 3rd person view + Star Wars.

* COD can't compete with that.

Casuals & non FPS gamers already know whats up with COD....they already know what it is.

IF they aren't already on board with COD, black ops 3 isn't going to be the game to do it.

* IF you've never played a Battlefield or Battlefront game, this Star Wars game could be the one to do if for you.

The Star Wars hype train is real and it's full steam ahead for the next 5 years.

* I'm going to personally be playing Battlefront, but that is because I'm really into Star Wars more than COD, + I couldn't stand COD:AW.

_-EDMIX-_1321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

COD as a series has always sold well. Battlefront hasn't done COD numbers when it was relevant.

BF doesn't do those numbers either, they are just different games. I'm sorry but it being a FPS doesn't make it comparable like that.

Too many times people do that and don't fully get why it doesn't make much sense.

COD will do fine, SW BF will do fine. Not having a SP wouldn't mean jack as BF as a series has sold MILLIONS purely being JUST MP alone when it was just that and SW BF already confirmed it actually has a solo offline mode just like the last games did..... Last I recall SW BF1 had MISSIONS as its base SP..

That is what its SP consisted of.

Many made a fuss regarding SW BF not having what was described....but neither SW BF has actually had that either. The games had missions that took less then 10 hours to complete all of them, I never remember those games being this deep, experience.

Battlefield has the same mission type set up for it co-op. Star Wars BF didn't have this huge SP like the BF series has with some titles.

Mind you...this is what was said regarding that.

"EA says that there are a series of short mission that can be complete solo, co-op, or online, rather than a scripted multi-hour campaign.

“I would say [these missions] occupy that space…where you play alone,” General Manager of DICE"

Sooooooooo what EA is saying is that SW BF is going to be just like what SW BF was prior to this...mission based.

This was stated a couple weeks ago and it seems like many haven't really caught up to it.

They are merely saying they won't make a huge SP as SW BF hasn't had that...EA already has other teams working on that and again....SW BF as a series wasn't not really about that, I barely recall those SP's, what I do remember is that amazing MP MODE DOE! lol.

"The game is first and foremost a multiplayer game. Battlefront was a multiplayer game"- Patrick Bach.

Key word "was" ie they are merely adding to what the series had previously in terms of concept, SW BF fans are still getting missions...its what they had, its what they are now getting.

Sooo this concept of SW BF and um "doesnt have a proper campaign" doesn't make much sense as its mission based...just like the last SW BF games offline modes...... So it doesn't have a feature that it never did prior to?

Yet it did quite fine with out em. The game will be fine, SP's are not DICE's best work in terms of BF games and the SW BF series again never actually had this deep SP mode many keep making it out to be, what it had is what it looks like DICE is doing anyway.

EA has enough teams that are better fit to do a SW single player ONLY title that would make more sense then to waste time and money adding on a tacked on feature.

Let DICE make a MP game, let them add missions like the older SW BFs, Let Bioware and Visceral do and SP ONLY SW game and call it a day.

lelo2play1321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

"Should Black Ops III Be Scared Of Star Wars: Battlefront?"

LOL. No.

It's Star Wars Battlefront that should be "afraid" of Black Ops III.
Yes, Star Wars Battlefront will be a success based on hype, but it doesn't stand a chance against Black Ops III.
Star Wars Battlefront is basically Battlefield in the Star Wars universe.

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Sureshot1321d ago

They should both be afraid of halo 5

StrayaKNT1321d ago

I agree. It is shaping up to be the best fps of all time.

People need to realise that star wars is just a battlefield skin and theres no campaign, black ops on the other hand has a campaign and zombies (which I love) but at the end of the day halo 5 is going to destroy everything the beta was just on another level.

SpaceRanger1321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

I think it should be the other way around in my opinion. The fact that Star Wars is coming out on several platforms is what's gonna drive it over most of the competition, including exclusives, in terms of hype.

StrayaKNT1321d ago

Well it's on all platforms and like all exclusives it obviously won't sell as well but at the moment halo has the most pre orders for any game coming out in the next two years and by the trailers shown it looks like the game that most people are hyped for. I'll be getting black ops because of zombies and halo 5, I might skip out on battlefront because it already screams DLC and I'm guessing its going to be way too similar to battlefield

marlinfan101321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

Star wars will sell more overall since it's coming out on multiple platforms but halo will destroy star wars on xbox, no doubt in my mind. It could even end up being relatively close to the overall star wars sales. We're talking about halo here which hits near 10 million copies every release, and this one's shaping up to be one of the best yet.

NeverHeavyMan1321d ago

Thus far, I've not seen any reason for any of these games to be scared of each other, but a game on one platform will hardly make the dent of Call of Duty or Battlefront, regardless if it's Halo or not.

OmegaShen1321d ago

Yeah, Halo 5 is most likely going be Halo MCC (meaning broken online).

Battlefront might end up as a mess as Battlefield 4, one can hope it doesn't.

XiMasterChief1321d ago

Just shut up. You obivously don't know that.

OmegaShen1321d ago

I know Halo MCC hasn't been fix yet, deal with it. Bungie isn't working on it anymore and rumors of Microsoft trying to get Bungie back.

Just shows Microsoft doesn't believe 343 can do it.

MasterCornholio1321d ago

I don't think so since they are both multiplats especially given the XB1 install base. I predict that COD and Star Wars Battle Front 3 will outsell Halo 5. I honestly don't see how an exclusive on a system with a small install base will perform better than two well known franchises over multiple systems.

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WCxAlchemist1321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

Where/ who/ why in the world do ppl come with trash,rubbish,pointless articles like this?

Edit: psextreme ooh not surprised. That covers the where.

annoyedgamer1321d ago

Not if both suck equally. Seriously no thought was put into these titles, they are either blatant ripoffs and/or reskins.

Neixus1321d ago

The game may be complete thrash, but it'll sell really good anyways.
The trailer is at like 17million views, that's insane.

annoyedgamer1320d ago

Maybe, I personally will not be buying this COD, it does not deserve my hard earned money. The same goes for EA's rubbish. I would rather support Deus Ex and The Witcher.

Garethvk1321d ago

Not until EA can release a stable game, especially in the BF series. I do not count Hardline which was basically glorifed DLC.

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