A RARE Opportunity – Where to for One of Gaming’s Great Developers?

"Talk is taking over the gaming world that the legendary developer Rare is about to unveil a new project at E3 2015. The developer has been working almost exclusively on games for the Xbox’s Kinect sensor in recent years but with that particular feature no longer getting the same support it once did it seems Rare are primed to return to the well of more mainstream gaming, the sorts of games that brought them incredible success throughout the decades. With Phil Spencer’s recent announcement that Microsoft will have new IP at E3 this year could this mean Rare is the one responsible for at least one of these new franchises? Read on to see what we think will happen as Rare’s announcement gets ever nearer." - Paul James of BGU

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KiwiViper851267d ago

New IP please.

Big fan of all Rares non-Kinect games so have full faith that any new IP will be great.

Hopefully Xbox One exclusive, don't know if this has been confirmed or even mentioned...

Gocatters17021267d ago

Microsoft owns Rare, so at worst case it will be on Xbox One and PC

KiwiViper851267d ago

Worst would include 360...

christocolus1267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

A new ip would be a great idea but i'd love a sequel to Kameo.

lifeisgamesok1267d ago

I'd like Banjo, Battletoads, Viva, or Perfect Dark

comebackkid98911267d ago

Between Playtonic and Free Radical (r.i.p) what original team members remain?

RiseofScorpio1267d ago

Does it matter? You don't have to have the people from the 90s to make a good game. BTW the director of Banjo Kazooie is still there.

comebackkid98911267d ago

I'm fairly certain the voice for Conker is too. What I'm saying is they should stick with those ip's till they're out of the rough.

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