E3 2015: Capcom & Bandai Namco Showing New PS4/Xbox One/PC Games; Deep Down Probably Won't Be There

Looks like the eternal rivals of Japanese development, Capcom and Bandai Namco, will come with a few surprises at E3 2015

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Jackhass1296d ago

Good to know some Japanese devs are still making console games.

Benjammin251296d ago

I just want to see Devil May Cry 5 there. The true, Japanese developed Devil May Cry 5 there.

Brotard1296d ago Show
Lord_Sloth1295d ago

Let's keep the distinction, please.

Balega1296d ago

At what point do you cancel a game instead of just keep on investing in it?
Deep Down clearly has development issues, and direction issues. Once they announced it is Free to play a lot of gamers lost interest. Can't blame them.

LAWSON721296d ago (Edited 1296d ago )

IMO Capcom if they were smart would not try and tackle the difficult and dark 'souls' theme. They will never make anything near as good as what From Soft does. They even are making another F2P online game, Dragons Dogma, however it lacks the hype because there is no 'OMGZ them graphics' effect. If they want success with a MP game they have a little IP called Monster Hunter and with a new engine on PS4 (maybe Xbone but Capcom has not been a huge fan) it could blow people away. But it is Capcom so they will give console gamers an explosive RE7 trailer instead

Reibooi1295d ago

I personally think that Deep Down should have just been Dragon's Dogma online which funny enough is what alot of folks thought it was until Capcom came out and said otherwise. I know now there is a Dragon's Dogman online but it was not handled very well.


I have always wanted a crazy looking next gen Monster Hunter game that could really blow people away. It's sad because I bet that will never happen as Capcom can make tons of money without spending a ton on a real next gen looking experience. It's kinda like Pokemon for me. I would love to see a really big massive Pokemon game instead of what we get on the handhelds but why would Nintendo do that when they can make bank and spend so little in the process. One can dream I guess.

Majin-vegeta1296d ago

Capcom-more Info on SFV and when beta starts.I'm good.

Namco-More Info On T7 and see what's up with TxSF.

Yi-Long1296d ago

I want a new Power Stone from Capcom, for PS4 and XBO.

forgetmenot1296d ago

This should have been happen its capcom's answer to smash bros was a fun game back on the dreamcast.

NellyNel_7_1_31296d ago

whatever happen TxSF anyway? will that game ever come out?

mikel10151296d ago

Deep Down, the new Final Fantasy Vs. 13

HammadTheBeast1296d ago

Nah, that's The Last Guardian still.

_-EDMIX-_1296d ago

lol! Agreed. The Last Guardian is its "Last Guardian" lolz.

I mean...I can't wait for the game don't get me wrong...(I mean...I have to wait soooo)

Gority1296d ago

Can we have a new last guardian when the old last guardian hasn't come out? :-)

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luis_spartano1296d ago

Couldn't care less for Capcom show.

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