Lost Planet 3 Developer Selling Off Assets: Could Spark Unlimited be Over?

Unfortunately it looks like there's yet another developer shutting up shop - or at least it certainly seems that way.


It's true - Spark Unlimited are history.

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MrSwankSinatra1320d ago

Well in the landscape where the middle-market doesn't exist, I'm not surprised.

chrish19901320d ago

It does seem to be you either prosper as a AAA developer or get relegated to mobile, if you can't do either you die. It's a sad reality :(

ChronoJoe1320d ago

Why jump to that conclusion when a much more logical one is that Spark Unlimited failed, because there games were generally awful?

There are a fair number of 'middle market' developers that see success, but they do so with less conventional methods such as kickstarter or publishers tailored to the smaller scale developments (e.g. Deck13, Devolver).

elninels1320d ago (Edited 1320d ago )

Chronojoe in this particular context you are correct. The lost planet games never lived up to the potential many writer's thought the series had.

However I do believe that the pricing landscape, especially within brick and mortar stores, is in trouble. I would like to see publishers branch out a bit. particularly grandiose games can go for $70. Smaller games couls go for $40. right now it seems as if games are $20 or $60. no flexibility.

Kleptic1320d ago

^brick and mortar stores actually caused that pricing situation to begin with...or at least the ones that sell used games, did...

and i totally agree...the pricing structure of this industry is a nightmare...there is no value vs. cost assessment for the buyer other than his/her own research...every 'retail' game is $60 (with day 1 DLC available at an additional cost, etc.)...but one of those games could be a pile of shat, the other great...yet cost the same...that is dumb, and always has been...

the PC sector is the only one fighting through hardware loyalties are not part of it...but even they can't really figure out a good way to gauge what a game should sell for...a hopeful dev may make a fantastic indie game, that sells a lot, but they didn't know what to charge...didn't charge enough...still went belly up and aren't making any more games...

either way, i think we're all in somewhat of agreement...Chrish1990 is right that there is no middle ground for a specific game right now...but that is only because nothing is priced in that middle a buyer you look at a $5-$20 game as a small release with little content before even knowing what it really is...or a $60 game as the greatest thing to happen in a decade...I'm saying this as a trend with gaming consumers...the issue is that these stereotypes are in place because the publishers haven't even tried to adjust them...the fallout is occuring because low budget full release titles (which they know are not very good) are still plopped out at $60 and go absolutely no where...where if they sold for $40 they could've easily doubled their sales...and actually made more money...

_-EDMIX-_1319d ago

Not really, they could have went independent and formed their own IP as suppose to being contract for higher. I don't really get the idea of this "AAA" or just "indie" we have many games that I wouldn't really all "AAA" in terms of budget or concept.

Kickstarter has created many, many games with medium, to huge budgets.

You don't need a huge budget to exist in gaming. I'm sorry but those AAA games are not even the norm of game sales.

What Capcom, Square and many of those companies where doing where trying to make money off of a type of game that isn't again the norm of game success and development. That is like trying to make a movie like Transformers just based on Transformers money...

They can still make a damn film without seeking such returns......yet indie films exist, yet independent games exist. One doesn't need to make a AAA game to exist in this industry, more games exist that are not AAA, then that are and the lack quality in those games isn't really something to desire in many of em.

They did bad because they made bad games, they failed because they decided to work for Capcom.

Haven't you noticed all the bad games that got outsourced by Capcom?

They didn't just get better. I'm sorry but no, the industry if ANYTHING has gotten much better then years prior in terms of diversity. With the self publishing we are seeing with many developers on console, we are seeing many games finally being able to get a huge share of the console market.

Look at the Walking Dead game!

That AAA? Yet....they made lots of money. They made a great game, thus got the sales to reflect that. Its one of the few times, I bought a game, literally right after playing the demo, the concept sold me on the game very, very fast. I love old school point and click adventures and it has been years since I've played a great one.

Games budgets do not determine their success. Many might cite COD or Halo...consider those games had followings long before those budgets got there. They play them because they like them, the budget isn't just selling the title for them, they love the concept.

This team closed down because they made bad games.....that it. Being AAA was't some how going to make them not close down. IP's don't just sell on their own, I've said this sooooo amny times on this site.

Lost Planet, Dead Rising, DmC, RE....Capcom outsourced these games out later on and they did really, really bad.

Surprised? Turns out having a team that never worked on the IP doesn't just mean the game will sell off of name alone. The reality is, once the original creators or team is gone or not working on the ip, the chances of that game doing poorly rise significantly!

This isn't a shock.

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deadpoolio3161320d ago

OR the more likely scenario they were an extremely mediocre to awful developer who made crap games...Yaiba sucked balls and they worked on it, and Lost Planet 3 was generic and generally terrible and they developed it...There are zero games they made that were successful

Testfire1320d ago

Too bad, I enjoyed Lost Planet 1 and 2, I never played LP3.

_-EDMIX-_1319d ago (Edited 1319d ago )

......too funny. Yes...bud, but one thing. 1 and 2 where never done by this team. They did 3 and its good thing you didn't play it, its the worst of the series.

Their highest rated game was a port of Call Of Duty.......

gangsta_red1319d ago

I played Lost Planet 3 and couldn't believe the complete garbage I was playing. There should be scientific studies on how bad the game was.

Never have I seen a series go completely down hill as the Lost planet series did.

Sashamaz1319d ago (Edited 1319d ago )

They didn't make Lost planet 1 or 2.

Edit: _-EDMIX-_ beat me to it.

ironfist921319d ago

I really enjoyed the Lost Planet series, its a shame its not more prominent.

MilkMan1319d ago

I enjoyed Lost Planet 3 very much and I would have liked for them tonhave made more games. So many projects they could have tackled?