E3 2008: 'iPhone more of a threat to DS' says Sony

Speaking with Pocket Gamer in the closing moments of E3 in Los Angeles, PSP brand manager John Koller argued PSP as primed for a strong 2008.

Faced with increasing competition from Nintendo DS, mobile, and now iPhone, he contends the portable will succeed by playing into "broader cultural trend for content on the go".

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lastboss3806d ago

PSP will be already dead without the Japanese market !
Piracy is killing her in Western countries.

badz1493806d ago

keep saying that to yourself if it makes you feel better

kewlkat0073806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )

I heard even a bigger screen, now when will you copy the touch screen for

I'm waiting..

I hope your not loosing confidence in the PSP as a gamers hand held.

Tempist3806d ago

Sounds like quite the open zone comment there.

I'm going to break things down a little harshly; The DS is mainly for gaming simpletons. Do I really want to raise a new age nano baby on my DS? No. Children love it since games are non-complex.

The PSP appeals to a different demographic entirely. I'd say a more mature demographic that what the DS has been going for.

PS360WII3805d ago

"The PSP appeals to a different demographic entirely"

yes those who don't want to buy video games. Really stop with the simpleton talk with the DS. Ninja Gaiden, Tactics, Contra 4, Sonic Chronicles, Rings of Fate, FFXII, Dragon Quest IX, Call of Duty, and the list goes on. Oh and hey yes they do have fun quick games for other people who don't want to game in long sessions. It's a -universal system. So when you make fun of the DS you are making fun of the PS2 as well. Good for you.

Tmac3805d ago

Yes because you know the DS is such a hardcore gaming handheld, I heard Nintendog's is doin' great! You can leave now.

PS360WII3805d ago

There you go focusing on one game. Okay so how is Lumines treating you?

kewlkat0073805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

The DS have a much better selection of games and other intuative stuff that uses the stylus and of course that touch screen, which PSP gamers want Sony to implement.

I've been playing my DS more lately..and it's like an old-school console, I still love my 2-D Castlevania and some of my turn-base JRPGs and other games.

It reminds me of a suped up SNES with simple and fun games. I'm just saying the PSP well is just the PSP, mostly PS users will buy one.

Plus no way the Iphone gets all these games and have them work like the DS does so I do not agree with Sony. The DS is leading and the PSP need to catch up. Simple as that. Hardcore or not Hardcore look at the sales and library.

PS360WII Knows what I'm talking about. Look at them games.

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AceLuby3806d ago

They integrate so well w/ the PS3 that I'm gonna have to get one... Well that and FF7 prequel...

Blink_443805d ago

Haha yeah right sony. A 10 yeah old isnt going to want a Iphone to play games they are going to want a DS. Plus i bet a lot of parents wouldnt let their children get iphones.

PS360WII3805d ago

Well see DS gets real games while iPhone will get quick mobile games not for those who will spend a few hours in front of it.

Plus the iPhone does all you music, movies, games, and if you hack it like the PSP you can have all those wonderful emulators. Sorry iPhone has more to do with the PSP than DS. Good try though.

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