High Voltage Software: The Wii Deserves Better Games Then It's Getting

Developers of the highly anticipated Wii game, The Conduit, are one of the few developers who are actually trying to make a quality game on the Wii. The Conduit is easily one of the best-looking games on the Wii thanks to its ground up engine made just for the system called the Quantum 3. And while High Voltage is hard at work with The Conduit, other developers are not-so hard at work making shovelware and just throwing it at the Wii by the dozens. A quote from Matt Corso adds,

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ChickeyCantor3775d ago

They are now my second best Wii developers XD
After reading what they did with conduit, i'm really convinced they know how to make a game.
Wished more developers would wait with a publisher...

Although there are some cool titles coming to the Wii, they are right.

TheColbertinator3775d ago

I agree with you that these guys are poised to change things.Even if the game gets 7s or 8s I will still buy it because an OK Wii shooter is better than crappy shovelware.

Mad World,The Conduit,Monster Hunter 3,and Fatal Frame 4 are among the most anticipated Wii hardcore titles coming out.

jtucker783775d ago

I don't often agree with you sidar, but I do today. I'm really impressed with these guys and The Conduit.

I wish there were more Wii developers like these.

...and I hope they incorporate Wii Speak for some team deathmatch goodness.

ChickeyCantor3775d ago

They will use Wii-speak =P
They wanted Voice chat, and everytime an interviewer would ask them about it, they would say, that they are trying to manage it.

jtucker783775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

I don't see how team deathmatch can work without it (unless everyone runs off and does the Rambo thing).
So that is great news!

ChickeyCantor3775d ago

I'm glad my console is in my room....XD screw the whole living room idea behind it...i dont want other people gossip or whatever when im playing game and other can hear me XD

Tomdc3775d ago

wii development is often very lazy development i reckon

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Prismo_Fillusion3775d ago

What an awesome developer! You know what sucks though? Crappy casual games (I'm not saying all casual games are crappy, but I'm pointing out the ones that are) will probably destroy The Conduit in sales. And that's ridiculous, and I hate it (especially so as a Wii owner).

I remember when I was young, I wanted to play Goldeneye and Perfect Dark and Turok; not Carnival Games. What's happened to our youth!?

Lukatoll3775d ago

yea it sucks. But the thing is, the youth isn't the only part of casual gamers. Moms and (don't hate me for this) babies play the wii. And i'm being serious I've seen 3-4 year olds playing the Wii. Its a good babysitter, parents buy them games like 'Dora's happy fun land' for their kids and it basically screws us over.

Honestly I don't like how nintendo is targeting the Casual audience. If they were to focus on the hardcore i'm sure third-party developers would also. But now that Nintendo has the casaul players in the palm of their hand, the third-parties start making casual games.

Prismo_Fillusion3775d ago

Yep, everything you said is true. But I don't blame Nintendo, they're just trying to make two things: video games and money. Sony or Microsoft would do the *exact* thing under the same circumstances. If anyone thinks that Sony/MS wouldn't jump 100% on the casual bandwagon if they had the market covered like Nintendo currently does, that person is drinking way too much Kool-aid.

All we can do to help is buy all the good hardcore games for the Wii though. (At least I have a PS3 and PC too, just in case)

Lukatoll3775d ago

Yea, I don't necessarily blame Nintendo either. It's just a shame that it's happening.

As a 360 owner, I would be disappointed if Microsoft did the same thing.

ChickeyCantor3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

" they were to focus on the hardcore i'm sure third-party developers would also"

No, if they did that Nintendo would be dead right now.
It seems that "core" games have a bit trouble selling on this console.
(Lack of promotion)

Nintendo goes for both they just talk more about casual in the open because thats how they manage their promotion.
We rather look the internet for stuff so why should they talk much about it?

We know whats coming anyway XD.

Developers do want to make quality games but if crap seem to bring in the cash developers wont mind doing it.
It keeps their company running. Profit is good.

If the Conduit sells very well i hope to see a shift in the decision of all the developers....All i can say is "core" gamers less talking about games not selling, and buy some games.

Smacktard3775d ago

Lukatoll, Microsoft IS doing the same thing? Did you SEE their conference? Most of the focus was on casual games. They had good casual games, like Rock Band and Guitar Hero, and then they had awful casual things, like Lips and avatars and such.

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DreDawgg063775d ago

Guys Nintendo has turned so greedy that its blindly just shelling out Hardware with no games to back it up. Its making insane profits on shelling out overpriced hardware and doesn't spend money on developing Software.

Just more add-ons for consumers to buy!

ItsDubC3775d ago

Are you implying that Mario Galaxy, Brawl, Mario Kart, Zelda: TP, MP3, and Mario Strikers are merely figments of my imagination?

phantomexe3775d ago

High voltage is makeing what looks to be a great game and if it sells bad which i find highly unlikey.....I'm done with nintendo all together.Why you ask?This game looks and sounds like it going be great and if it doen't sell then really there no core on the wii and nintendo done.They said they never understood why boom blox never sold well i can tell you why i never got it or the okami game....1 was done by ea which i've had no respect for and okami was a port.I don't buy ports and i know alot of my friends don't ether.I'm not saying those two games are bad. i'm just saying that when there so much shovelware around it's hard to take a chance on a game.As for HV The Conduit looks great and me and my friends are picking this up on day 1.This game make or break for core gamers on the wii.

ChickeyCantor3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

"done.They said they never understood why boom blox never sold well i can tell you why i never got it or the okami game....1 was done by ea which i've had no respect for and okami was a port"

Boom blox was never meant to be a "hardcore" game, it was aimed at a more "casual" market.

As for Okami, If okami was indeed not selling because it was a port, then why was it not selling on the PS2?

And if this game is not selling you are just willing to miss out other games ?
your 101 logic fails =/....

Ya know this game would sell bad because of this attitude, you dont buy it then claim its not selling and then you say "im done with Nintendo"...


Voiceofreason3775d ago

Boom Blox did well enough it is considered a success and they want a sequel. Just because it didnt sale GTA4 numbers when it went up against GTA and MArio kart hardly means its a failure.People for some reason expect games to sale 7-9 million on Wii. However you wont find games like that selling on the PS2 in a few months and it had 130 million consoles took years for GTA SA to hit 6 million not months. Sometimes I seriously wonder where people get their info from. Just because a game doesnt sale 5 million doesnt mean its a failure. Hell GoW2 on PS2 only managed 1 million in sales with 120 million consoles sold. But how many of you would consider Gow2 a failure?

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