Gamespot:: E3 2008: Mario Super Sluggers Hands-On

Just as Mario Strikers Charged Nintendo-fied the sport of soccer last year, Mario Super Sluggers is this year aiming to add a Mario twist to the grand old game of baseball. Gamespot managed to grab a quick bit of play time with the upcoming title at E3 2008, and it's looking set to deliver the same type of arcade fun as its soccer stable mate.

Just like Strikers, Sluggers takes the basic concepts of its sports and adds plenty of Nintendo characters, over-the-top special moves, and wacky arenas to the mix. It actually plays a little more casual-friendly than Strikers, as the entirety of Sluggers can be played using the Wii Remote alone in a way that's very reminiscent of the baseball mini-game in Wii Sports. While there is the option to play using a Wii Remote and Nunchuck, we stuck solely to the Remote-only option during our play test.

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