Daredevil Needs a Video Game – Here’s What It Needs to Be a Success

Daredevil has become the new Marvel hotness, and a video game should follow. If it happens, here's what the game will need.

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idsanty1054d ago

Here's hoping a game comes. The show's so good!

Germany71054d ago (Edited 1054d ago )

The Netflix series it's so awesome, good to see a great show about Daredevil. Let's forget about the awful movie with Ben Affleck. A game would be great too, of course.

ziggurcat1054d ago

it just needs to be good to be a success...

Summons751054d ago

Daredevil would be a good game if it uses the Arkham gameplay model honestly. Some of those group fights in the show reminded me exactly of a fight in Arkham City. TBH I wish the show had a bit more scenes as Lawyer Murdock, that seems really untouched besides that one amazing court room speech scene. The show really opened the character up to me again, the movie was dreadful.

RedCloud881054d ago

Only thing it needs to be good.... ROCKSTEADY

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The story is too old to be commented.