Microsoft Looking To Build New Services For Xbox, Wants To Take Avatar System To A New Level

New job listings suggests that a new features and avatar system might be incoming.

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christocolus1318d ago

I hope they make the new avatars like the characters in kinect sports rivals. love those models. would make awesome avatars.

Volkama1318d ago (Edited 1318d ago )

Really surprised they didn't already utilise that tech right after rivals came out. Maybe add a few style options, because making everyone athletic would probably cause a stir.

Kinect is no longer a given though, which makes it less likely to happen.

creeping judas1318d ago

I'd love to see my 45yrd old abused body, look fit and trim again!! Even if it's only in VR!!

HaleHankock1318d ago

They should repurpose these avatar teams towards core xbox live functions and fix party issues so that it's more reliable. When party is working then worry about pointless avatars

Kingdomcome2471318d ago

I've been lucky I guess in that I haven't had a single party chat issue since the recent big party chat update. I was having issues almost daily before that.

Kingdomcome2471318d ago

I never messed with that. What exactly was it?

ShowanW1317d ago

If I could give you 10bubbles I would.

1318d ago
Sureshot1318d ago

Had my xbox for about 14 months.... Still haven't set up my avatar.

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The story is too old to be commented.