Sega Mega Drive console to be revived

Peripheral manufacturer Blaze is to revive the best-selling, once dominant Sega Mega Drive games console.

The new machine will be released as a handheld and will come bundled with 20 titles built in for £29.99.

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epiphany3233801d ago

wasn't this done before and called the Game Gear?

Linzoid3801d ago

The Game Gear could play MasterSystem games not MegaDrive/Genesis games.

Sexius Maximus3801d ago

You're thinking of the Sega Nomad.

Yuji Naka3801d ago

Nomad's battery life didn't exactly last as well as desired. :(

spunnups3801d ago

after playing a bunch of next gen games like MGS4 and Uncharted it's hard to go back. What kind of games are on this system anyway? I had the game gear and the genesis but never this.

Irving3801d ago

Same system, different names in different regions.

TheColbertinator3801d ago

Its has been a looooooong time since I last saw the Mega Drive

badz1493801d ago

just why?? what's the point? I can't even see the relevance

GodsHand3801d ago

Nostalgic, if these systems and games were before your time, you won't understand.

Give it several years, and you will be missing the good old days of playing your current console, and games in the future.

SilPho3801d ago

Sounds like the gateway drug for the PSP and DS.

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