Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Gets a Gory New Gameplay Trailer

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood is looking to be the sort of DLC that we actually don't mind paying a bit extra for. It's packed with content that includes a new story that still connects to the main campaign and it isn't riddled with micro-transactions. What's not to like?

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mad-dog1320d ago

So Awesome.
Wolfenstein tNO was such a great surprise.

Day 1

camel_toad1320d ago (Edited 1320d ago )

Yeh The New Order put Machine Games on the map for me. Besides Old Blood Im looking forward to what they do next.

mad-dog1320d ago (Edited 1320d ago )

Yes, i can't wait to see what else they have in store for us.

Dirtnapstor1320d ago

Loved TNO. Isn't this the first of two expansions for the series? Or did I misunderstand? If so, I may wait for a bundle deal.

Kingdomcome2471320d ago

I'm pumped. I'm preloaded and ready to go. I hope it unlocks early like some digital games have been doing as of late.

ziggurcat1320d ago

i have it pre-ordered. going to be able to play it at 10pm this evening. looking forward to it!

Kingdomcome2471320d ago

Does it unlock at 12EST, or PST?

ziggurcat1320d ago

looks like EST because i live in MST time zone, and it's available at 10pm my time.

Kingdomcome2471320d ago

Thanks, man! Looks like it's 11:00 pm for me then. Can't wait!

SovereignSnaKe1320d ago (Edited 1320d ago )

I hope this was just the censored version.. No Swastikas = Kills the Ambiance.
Anyways, I'm really excited for this game. I pre-ordered a physical copy from Poland because I just need something to touch. ;-)

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