The PS4's Lineup is Very Mysterious, and That's Why It's Exciting

OnlySP: As part of the game’s media, we sometimes know a lot more information than we’d like to. We cover rumors, leaks, get early looks at video games and all that sort of stuff, which sort of takes away the surprise that those of you not involved in the media get to experience every year. I miss those days when I had no idea what was coming until I saw a Gameinformer Magazine show up in my mailbox, and that’s how I found out about the latest big game announcement.

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ThatKanadianKid1324d ago

Really excited to see what Horizon is all about. Hope it's at E3 this year.

breakpad1324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )

i have still hopes for a Sony Crash bandicoot reveal i know the possibilities are minimal but... still that reference in the trailer keeps them up

Brotard1324d ago

Well it would be competition for whatever rare reveals of its a 3d platform we at least

Transistor1324d ago

Activision owns the Crash IP, not Sony.

RealFry1324d ago


I heard that If a company dosen't do anything with their IP after a certain period of time, they lose their right to use it.

Maybe someone here can elaborate on this? I couldn't find anything online myself, but i'm sure I heard of it before.

Brotard1324d ago

@transistor there is such thing as a third party exclusive, or they could purchase the ip, or just strike a deal to develop a crash game

Transistor1324d ago


Yes, but that's more Activision choice, more than Sony's. Sony could approach them about it though.

Kingscorpion19811324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )

Diversity, quantity, and quality!!! That's what I think of the PS4

Transistor1324d ago

@ RealFry

If in IP doesn't get re-registered from the company after a certain period of time, I'm pretty sure others can use it. Not sure on the specifics through.

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remixx1161324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )

Yes I agree that horizon will be exciting my friend but remember its Sony.....these guys participate in a lot of events while MS can easily afford to drop all their info at E3.

Last year Sony was at 5 events (E3, gamescom, TGS, VGAs, PlayStation experience) and showed off NEW games at 4 of them. So their probably gonna spread that ammunition out like they did last year, but hey it was a great year for PS gamers because we were getting info on new games all thought the year. Sony releases info on their games just like they release games themselves---they spread them out---

MS can easily drop all its info at E3 just like last year because they were only at 2 events (E3, gamescom) and only showed off new games at 1. Makes it easy for them to front load E3 which is why I think MS will have a crazy E3 this year.

Just saying I don't know when to expect news on what games I'm looking out for but I do know I will be getting new info all year.

JMyers1324d ago

This is spot on. Sony is at way more events and need to spread them. Just like their releases. They are more dominant worldwide and their releases and reveals are spread out. Hope for dome great reveals.

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andibandit1324d ago

Hope to see anything with Campaign Coop

lelo2play1324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )

"The PS4's Lineup is Very Mysterious, and That's Why It's Exciting"

Not really.

The only PS4 exclusive game that really interests me in the near future is Uncharted. Maybe at E3 Sony will present more...

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MysticStrummer1324d ago

For most gamers it is because the PS lineup is always the most diverse on consoles. Has been for 3 generations and counting.

LoneWolf0191324d ago

If by mysterious you mean which remake am I getting next? And which game gets delayed next? Yes very exciting indeed!

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