The winners and losers of E3 2008, part two – the games and services

VH247: It's over bar the shouting. E3 2008 is done.

Yesterday we took you through the highs and lows of the annual dick-waving contest that is the E3 press conference spectacle, but what about the games and services? Which products are going to be headlining over the Christmas period, and which are destined for the bargain bin? Hit the link for the biggest hitters, the sorest losers, the teeth-quaking megatons and the borked announces that made up E3 2008. See if you can pick the biggest winner and worst loser before you do.

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FreeMonk3775d ago

Winners =

Mirror's Edge - Looks amazing, and apparently plays like a dream as well!!

Prince of Persia - Again, another amazing looking game. Can't wait to play this

Final Fantasy 13 - Finally, everyone (apart from Wii only owners) will have to the choice to play this game. Hopefully it will be worth it!

Losers =

Beyond Good and Evil 2 - Where the F&*k was it!? 1 teaser trailer and now nothing. Come on!

Wii Music - Looks TERRIBLE!! Maybe a little simple to play to attract people to play it!

Killzone 2 - Took a back seat to Resistence 2, obviously because R2 is out before it. Shame that Sony couldn't show Killzone 2 at the conference as well.

Overall, a few suprises at E3, but mostly another disappointing show. With the Tokyo Game Show and the multiple shows inbetween, the runners of E3 have to ask themselves some serious questions.

TheColbertinator3775d ago

For me the biggest dissapointment was Final Fanatsy 13.It had a big show but there was no gameplay shown,story details,or at least a vague release date.Total dissapointment

Kaneda3775d ago

I am disagreeing on MAG.. I am looking forward to the game. Sure they didn't show any gameplay, it could be early development. Just like KZ2.. people said it wasn't possible, but look at how it turns out so far.

Can't wait for more info...

deeznuts3775d ago

When they say "loser" I don't think they mean the game is going to fail or suck, but that it wasn't showcased enough at E3, which means they wanted to see more.

Like Motorstorm, they called it fantastic looking etc., but why wasn't it showcased?

Kaneda3775d ago

I thought RE5 demo was kind of boring.

Panthers3775d ago

I have to agree that while FF13 being on 360 will excite a lot of people, they didnt show anything new :(

Killzone had its own showing after the Sony one and seemed to blow people away.

Im upset at no Ico game, no Allen Wake, no White Knight Chronicles. Basically missing games made me mad.

LBP really impressed me.

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Raoh3775d ago

especially with E3 being a looser in it all. dont get me wrong i was very happy to see what sony had in store for me. but yeah its not the "gamers" e3 it used to be...

but i disagree with M.A.G. being a looser. with talks of a 2009 release thats pretty big news. 256 following up after resistance 2's 60 player? thats big news too.

will it work? its following on a format that insomniac is doing. squad based and timed if you will. when i look back at the video i see a mini battle going on, then a second wave of troops. so its al one world with mini squads and maps. i think thats a win. the one thing not being said. Zipper delivers. i was bummed that zipper wasnt working on socom but this makes up for it. i have faith in zipper.

-M4verick-3775d ago

I can't believe I agree with you, but Sony got owned pretty much the worse they could have. I still can't believe Final Fantasy 13 is going to be on the XBox 360 on launch day. It's like what?? Really?

chasegamez3775d ago

mircosoft = Biggest loser

-M4verick-3775d ago

haha yea we'll pretend Microsft lost and Sony won for the few insane fanboys on this site.

kingme713775d ago

Wii Music was in the winners catagory while Wii Sports Resort was a loser?

I think you have reverse those. Wii Sports Resort will sell like crazy, it already has a pack in Wii Motion Plus adapter. That thing will print money. Wii Music will sell ok. I don't see it being huge, but no one will play it after the first day they get it home.

pornflakes3775d ago

guys, i see this news, not to show which system the better games has or which company the best [email protected] E3 had but with the fact THE Final fantsy game will come to 360 is the biggest lose for sony after 10 years.

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